Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The Day Which Changed Ro's Life

I attended the most blissful wedding of 2010 on the 17th of December last year. It was filled with tears, laughter, fun, and well, very eligible bachelors and bachelorettes (eh hem~ me included).

Roanna Zhang's wedding. I first met this girl during my training days as a flight stewardess in SQ, and she was one of the most interesting and cutely-opinionated girls. To me anyway. During her days as a stewardess, she was somehow misunderstood most of the time (like me le...poor things...must be because we got character... Either that or we're chio~). We sort of grew on each other over time, as we found out we were people who don't really judge people superficially. Anyway I found myself aww-ing and tearing whenever I read about nuggets of their love story, and their journey towards being husband and wife. I'm sure she won't mind me sharing this with all of you, because we all want to find that magic before we say "I do".

Here's their wedding site --> http://www.mywedding.com/leonardandroanna/index.html

Now, I've warned you that it's a sappy true love story, so don't say I ruined your makeup, in case you're reading that in the office. =D

This darling had invited me to be the emcee for their wedding dinner, and had requested that I sing their march-in song. I was, needless to say, glad, and very very honoured to be able to (and worried that I may screw it up, of course. A wedding's once in a lifetime yeah? At least for most of us anyway. So I remember rushing to get my hair done just a day before the dinner (the hair extensions!!!) immediately after I finished my shoot for 《乐在双城》 (hair needed to be the same throughout the show ma, so I couldn't change it until just 1 day before the wedding!!!!). I also remember having to make special arrangements with the lovely ladies from Dress Sense just so I could go rent a lovely gown to wear in honour of the babe's wedding.

Curious about what I wore? ;)

It was indeed a tough choice, having to choose between so many pretty dresses...

There were a few which caught my eye:

 I really really like this piece, but I was worried about showcasing my fat thighs since I was going to be on stage, so this was pushed off the list. Otherwise it's playful, flirty, and young. Very pretty!!!

 This one which another mannequin was wearing was super elegant, except that it's waaaaayyyyyyy toooooooooooo looooooooong for me. Even after wearing 12cm heels, the dress was like, a good 10cm (still) too long. -.-" Who the hell wears these????

I almost chose this, because the cut was flattering. 

Plus the back was super WWHHHOOOAAAAA~~~~
I had gained some weight la, so exposing back fat wasn't exactly what I was looking forward to. So out this went as well. Hur hur hur~~~

This was what I settled for in the end, because the lime green was a unique colour and I love how the embellishments on the halter mean I don't have to source for a necklace to go with the dress. Plus the front of the dress was in a flowy material so I don't have to worry about whether my tummy was sucked in throughout the night, especially when I'm going to be on stage. Perfect.

Plus I will never BUY a dress like that. It's too statement-y, best worn only once, and just not worth spending a thousand dollars on (yup that's how much it costs if I decide to buy it). Renting it cost me only a couple of hundred dollars, and it's almost the same as buying a dress from say, Daniel Yam or I.S which I will probably only wear a second time maybe 3 years later (wastes space on my closet), and risk a dress clash with someone at the event since almost EVERYONE buys a D.Y or an I.S when it comes to looking for a formal dress right? Now that I've discovered this little gem at Raffles City, event dresses will never be the same again (literally!!!!!! And pun intended~)

For the curious, Dress Sense is located at Raffles City, level 3.
Here's the website --> http://www.dress-sense.sg/ 


Back to the wedding proper...

First things first, I have to apologise to my dear girlfriend because I had been unable to attend her church solemnization that morning because of work. I know it was a magical moment, and I'm sure you had fun (okay maybe the guys and girlfriends had more fun), so really, it is with deepest regret that I wasn't able to be there. Forgive me?

*Puss in boots eyes...*

I knew you would~ You're such a sweet friend, as always~ ^.^

For the night's mayhem...

Now, a considerate friend who values some privacy will know the importance of booking a separate room for her bridesmaids. Come on, we're girls, and we're sure to make sure you're the prettiest and happiest bride on earth, so it's only fair that we're given a nice cosy room to doll up in. =) 

 All trying to get ready....

 ...while I camwhore.

 The picture perfect ballroom at Four Seasons.

I was still trying to get used to my a-lot-of-too-long hair, so I went back to Milly's at Far East (thank god it was within walking distance of Four Seasons), and had the girls just simply curl it for me. It turned out mermaid-ish, somehow. Not that I'm complaining, of course. =D

 Here's a tired-looking Jeff, my batch boy. He had just landed in Singapore that evening...

 Here's the best picture I have of myself that night. I didn't camwhore during the wedding dinner!!! Must be the nerves trying to do well for Ro's big night~ Lol!!!

 This is Roanna, and Baba who's trying to camwhore but has his hand in a weird-looking position....hmmm...

The fun continued after dinner ended...

Us making the poor drunk Leonard re-enact the proposal...and we forced them to kiss for a looong time while standing on the chairs... Wooot!!!

 Erm...yes...we did make him do other strange things after we went upstairs...

Give me a reason why I should love candid shots...(of other people, that is)

The drunk brothers... Like, Ro, the girls weren't drunk. But like Leonard, the guys were all red, doing strange things like dancing in a tiny vest, vomitting and sitting on the bathroom floors....tsk tsk tsk...

Here's Ro again, looking tired yet blissfully radiant at the end of the night, despite her hubby being drunk. =D

 Ro, here's wishing you a blissful marriage of everlasting love, happiness, holding hands, housework, running after children, free first-class SQ flight tickets as Mrs Captain (-to-be), and always feeling complete. 

I love you too girl!!! Mmmmuuuaaacks!!!!

That Silver Babe~


  1. hey, how much did it cost you to rent the dress at dress sense? (:

    - leonara, a reader!

  2. Hey Leonara,

    It cost me about $200 for the rental. =) Okay la...since I won't wear the same dress again even if I bought it.