Sunday, 26 December 2010

A Wonderful Christmas - Part 1

So how did you spend your Christmas? In town? Squeezing the hell through the crowd in the rain in town? Queued up for a very long time for dinner? Shopped around before the shops closed and when they did, hung around Orchard for the actual countdown, then mad squeeze in the MRT or super long queue at the taxi stands just to get home?

Gee...I never liked crowds. Except if I have a concert and they're there to see me la. Lol~

I spent mine in homes. Not the 老人院孤儿院 homes la, though that may be nice too. Show some love during Christmas. Maybe another year. =)

Let's start with Christmas Eve. Well I was working on that day, filming and changing in and out of sarees until 6. Then I went to Swensen's to get my log cake, courtesy of Swensen's, and Kaye from McGallen and Bolden.

I forgot to take a picture of the cake before starting to eat it, but here's how it looked like...

After that I spent the whole night at Kelvin's place (don't get me's a whole bunch of his friends okay...not just me...) eating, drinking, laughing, chatting and....playing Band Hero??? LOL!!!

It was my first time playing Band Hero. I've bought the Guitar Hero game when I went to Australia (during flying days), and had told myself I WILL get a Guitar Hero guitar... it's been more than a year la...and I haven't gotten it. Think I'll get it before the end of January. ;)

 First time playing okay...and I realized the drums tend to react like...1/3 second slower... I got the hang of it and even got as high as 97% score okay~ 原来我是真的有音乐天分的~~~呵呵呵~

I think I look more stylo with the guitar though...but everyone else said they were worse at the drums and kept hogging the guitar, so I spent most of the time on the drums la....zzZzz.....

Host of the evening - Kelvin

 Kuncheng trying to force me to down yet ANOTHER Gordon Bleu neat....I had to distract by asking ppl to take pictures....

Other snippets of the night~

 Countdown!!! I think Kelvin was already half gone by then. Because I had a lotta trouble trying to get him to look at the camera...

Kelvin! Look here!!!
He looked for 1/2 a second, and got distracted...
"Kel~ One more!!!

Another quick glance into the camera...and again he got distracted...


 Ananth looked like one of the more sober boys that night...

 Sober but tired...

 Confirm drunk. Check out the eyes...

The girls, other than a few of them turning red, were mostly fine...
Boys will always be boys la...

 Uncle Goh! If I were him, I'd be a happy man. 3 filial kids, each capable in their own right. Family-oriented enough to want to host house parties. Plus the kids are paying for the place they're staying at now... Ah~~~ 可以享清福了~ 

(What? Oh...Yah la the K I mentioned in that post is Kelvin la...what....)

There. I was 'jamming' with him almost the whole night la~

I love house parties. It's cosy. There room for everyone to sit and chill without smelling each other's oily hair and kena elbowed by strangers or have men spraying aerosol foam into your eyes and trying to be funny. Don't know what I'm talking about? Read this. It's farkeeng annoying. 

Anyways, as I was saying, house parties are great. You spend the night with people you know, or with people you don't know but since they are your friend's friends everyone will get to know each other by the end of the night, unless you're an anti-social prick. There's enough food for everyone. Drinks on the house. TV to watch or games to play or music you have a say in. Overall, it's great. I wish I could host house parties too, but my place is a tad too small and messy for my liking (I'd feel a lil' paiseh if I were to invite people over anyway...)

Maybe after we find a place and move out. ;)

I've to say the party was a great success. Other than the fact that I got a small dustbin as a present for gift exchange. Wah lao my luck la...who the hell prepares a dustbin as a present one??? Kns~~~

Even then...who wants to go chiong on occasions when I have great house parties to go to? 

Christmas Eve Rocks~
That Silver Girl

P/s. Christmas Day post up next!


  1. Hey it's SMWA here! :) Your Christmas looks fun, mine was just pathetic and everything went downhill from that day. What a way to end my 2010 but next year i'll make sure this won't happen again! :D