Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Tis the Season to ~~~!


I can honestly only remember 2 occasions when I ACTUALLY mail out cards to my friends. First one's Xmas, and then there's Chinese New Year...

Smartie me forgot to mail out my Xmas cards again. Happens every darn year it annoys the hell outta me. If I mail tomorrow, chances are people may not get it before Christmas or by Christmas.

*paces up and down*

How ah?

*eyes brighten up* Send online cards of course!!!! Yeah I know it's not as personal as actually going out there, buying a card, writing messages in ink, and actually mailing it for the recipient to receive in their snail mail box~ But well, you can't complain now cos it's Xmas in like, what 2 days??? You can of course still try for a New Year card la...but Christmas is just so much more...festive~~~

Bella must've thought of this before. They've actually come up with 3 different card designs for you to choose from and send to your friends via facebook (Brilliant!!!! Almost all my friends have a facebook account!) And it's not just a card... 

Send your friends and family a Bella Christmas & New Year Card and they will receive a $100 voucher from Bella Skincare!!!!!! 
(SO WILL YOU!!!!!!)

Sure or not??? Just send, they get the voucher, I also get? So easy meh???

Ya. So easy lor.

Just pick out a card, select which friend you want to send the card to, and VOILA!!! SEND! Both you and ur friend gets a $100 voucher! Ho kang tao right?

3 designs to choose from~ I chose this.
What do we really want from Santa Claus? I pondered upon that for quite a while...
Help me maintain my good skin, and give me a body other artistes would die for...

Us women... Lol~

Guys, take time to send this card to your female friends too. I'm sure they'll appreciate the little gesture. ;)

Click here to send the card! Go go!!!!

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