Monday, 20 December 2010

People Have I Also Want!!!

I gotta admit this - I have no idea what the hell Formspring was, until the Peggy-XX-Jessica saga (yup the Dec 13th entry)...

Have heard things about a famous blogger previously self-pwning this isn't anything new la.
But this is!!!

Call me ulu, I have NEVER heard of it before. Seen it before on jjjayne's blog, but didn't think much of it. Then came the tweets about Dowager forgetting to log out of formspring before saying something or something like that... (可见我不是很管八卦的人~ 详细内容我都不清楚~~~ >.<)

So I went to read Jessica's blog, and read her's and Dowager(Peggy)'s formspring, and though I found the whole catsquabble amusing, the only thing that got me interested was...Formspring itself. =P 

You mean so many bloggers actually have Formspring ah??? Okay don't judge me for being super wols...but previously my inspiration for blogging only came from reading Xiaxue and Qiu's blog. I've known Qiu for years and she's been a dear friend for almost as long, and XX? I've grown quite fond of her after hearing about her for years (unfamiliar with her then) and then FINALLY reading her blog only slightly more than a year ago.... And these 2 girls don't use formspring. Not that I know anyway. =P

Okay so now I know there is such a thing. Moving on...

Since people leave comments to ask me questions about stuff sometimes, why not have a formspring account? People have I also want leh~ *tsk* Of course I won't be there 24/7 to answer all your questions, but I suppose it'll keep me occupied when I got nothing to do (like that is ever going to happen...hur hur~~~). Kidding la. I will try to answer your questions, with priority given of course to questions which I won't roll my eyeballs at... I saw this question on Peggy's formspring and it cracked me up real bad - "Do you believe in premarital sex?" Eh...sometimes beliefs and reality can differ I

Okay, so I've an account now. You can formspring me on my sidebar if you prefer. Burning questions for me? If I can answer you, I will. Fire away~~~


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  1. what is a formspring account, sliver?