Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Ad: Bella - Scrub to Reveal a New You

I don’t mean with something like this of course:


Of course if you’re using a super soft bristle brush to exfoliate your face, it’s all good and fine.

Personally I find using scrubs extremely important. Maybe because I ride a motorbike and peak hour traffic with loads of lorries blowing dirty exhaust fumes into my face coats my face with a black layer of soot. And also because of my filming, I sometimes have very thick makeup on my face which has to be on the WHOLE day from morning to late at night. Couple that with the peak hour soot and you’ll understand why I’m a devotee to twice-a-weekly scrubbing rituals. So here I am today sharing with you my current love with regards to the scrub I use:

Honey Oatmeal Scrub, by Bella

Reminds me of those D-I-Y recipes that I used to want to conjure... And of course I didn’t, simply because I was too lazy to try to do it. And since people have it conveniently ready-made and prettily-packaged, why bother to buy all the ingredients, dig out containers to mash them together and buy nice containers to put the cooked-up recipes? Trust me, it’s cheaper, yes, but for the amount of work I have to do? I’d rather spend the time brushing Alton or reading a good book. =P

Okay la I’m saying all these because my home is not your typical one with a kitchen that’s well-stocked with every possible ingredient you need. If I want honey, I have to make a trip to the grocers. If I want bread, same. Same goes for if I want biscuits, or milk, or Vitagen, or rice grains. No one other than me cooks at home, if there was anything to cook in the first place. Very occasionally my mum or sister could cook instant noodles. But like I said, very occasionally, so you know that trying to find ingredients to make my very own masks/scrubs/beauty products would be a major chore...

Why Oatmeal?

If you’re a skincare noob, you probably don’t know the following about oatmeal:
  • It’s grainy, which makes it already a good scrub, and it’s a gentle exfoliator so it’s great for sensitive skin (this scrub contains almond bits which act as a great exfoliator as well!)
  • Oats absorb and remove surface dirt and impurities,
  • It deep cleanse your pore;
  • And finally it hydrates and softens your skin.

And oatmeal scrubs can help heal the following skin conditions:
  • Oily skin
  • Dry skin
  • Acne, zits, and blemishes
  • Sunburn
  • Razor burns,
  • Chicken pox (YES EVEN CHIX POX!!!!)
  • It has even been clinically proven to heal dry and itchy skin~

What about Honey, you ask? Honey is a humectant, which attracts and retains moisture inside your skin. It has been used for thousands of years since Cleopatra days and till today remains a popular skincare ingredient. Heck, it’s even used by the Egyptians to embalm their dead (for the clueless, it means keeping the body intact)! And you know how Egyptians place strong importance on that process, so there must be something good in honey.

Honey has also significant natural antioxidant properties, which play an important role in protecting your skin against UV damage. (FYI, the darker the honey, the stronger the antioxidant effect!)

Honey has anti-microbial properties as well, which makes it perfect for treating minor acne and zits without drying out the skin. It’s also great for healing abrasions and burns. It’s great that it’s an anti-irritant as well, which means people with sensitive skin can rejoice. =)

Put these 2 ingredients together, and what do you get? ;)

So How Do I Use a Scrub?

  1. Clean your face. Remove all traces of makeup, and use your regular facial foam to really wash your face.
  2. Next, using your clean fingers or a spatula, pick up about a walnut-sized amount of facial scrub (or any amount that you deem sufficient for your face and neck).
  3. With your fingers, gently massage the scrub onto your face and neck in a circular motion for about 2-3 minutes. Pay extra attention to areas where you are prone to blackheads and large pores.

  1. For an added mask effect so that the ingredients take time to work their magic, leave on for about 5-10 minutes.
  2. Rinse off thoroughly.
  3. Follow up with your regular skincare regime that is to tone and moisturize~~~

I do this once every 3 days. I don’t really use it on my neck but rather the area where my face and my neck connects. You know the jawline area where you blend your foundation with your neck colour? Yah, there.

I personally find using a scrub very refreshing, like renewing my skin and revealing an inner glow each time. Especially when my skin or myself feels dull. Maybe it’s psychological, but after doing a facial scrub when I’m in my dull moods, I feel lighter and uplifted. =D

Helps that my skin becomes cleaner, brighter, softer, and makeup application is a breeze after that. <3

Okay before I leave you, here’s a tip for you guys:

Before applying a scrub, clean your face and neck thoroughly with warm water and pat your skin dry. If you can, take a hot shower or a steam bath to clean and open up your pores.This helps the scrub exfoliate better of your dead skin and residue impurities.

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Reveal a New You,

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