Friday, 24 December 2010

Hectic Schedule...

Came across this question on my formspring and I thought would be great to share my answer here. Because I really haven't been writing much these past few weeks:

hey dont you think formspring is a great platform for you as it definitely allows your fans and supporters to know you better. and of cuz not to forget your wonderful blog~~ keep up the wonderful work, silver! just hope you could have more posts though :]

Yeah it is. Short and sweet. A regular blog post takes me about 3-4 hours to write but formspring is so quick.

I am now wishing for more time so I could write more though!!!! 24hours are suddenly not enough...not when you have daily:
  •  10-14-hour schedules
  •  and every day I need to spend about 2 hours taking care of my hair, face and body,
  •  another 2 hours to reply emails and formspring questions and facebook messages
  • and another hour to give to Alton and housework.
  • Not forgetting travelling time to and from one place to another (1-2 hours?) and
  • makan time (1 hour altogether at least?)
That leaves me like, what, 2-5 hours of sleep? And I haven't even started

I can't wait for my non-filming days so I can spend it writing about so many things I wanna tell you guys!!! =D
Wait for my posts k dearies? I owe you a makeup video and I'm going to try to post it on Christmas Day itself, which is a day I'm going to dedicate to reading and writing~!!! (Can't believe I'm so psyched up about getting a day to do these simple things...*tsk tsk tsk*)  I know I promised it BEFORE Xmas but I really can't get to do it before Christmas lovelies~ 

You guys will understand right? 

*sees some heads nodding*

Thank you sweets~ *super touched I'm getting watery-eyed*
May all you lovely people receive wonderful gifts this Christmas okay? This year, I don't really want much. Other than for my career to keep prospering (two-fold, three-fold, four-fold...), and that I have the energy to build up my career, as well as to keep writing for all you loyal readers out there. I love you all~!

Mary Krismuhs,


  1. your avid blog reader24 December 2010 at 03:07

    lol! felt a sense of satisfaction that my qns is also on your blog haha. maybe cuz this is a good qns! i'm feeling honoured. ~~

  2. Hey blogtv buddy,
    May you and Alton have a wonderful Christmas filled with warmth and love and fruitful but not-so-hectic schedules in the coming year! Safe riding and leave the baseball bat at home ok?
    sheng dan kuai le!