Thursday, 16 December 2010


Hey guys!!! I know it's been mainly advertorials or super serious topics this past 2 weeks. I have been super busy, either with filming or shoots, and when I'm not filming, I'm catching up with household chores like the laundry, alton's grooming, cleaning the house....yada yada... I wish I'm like Guan Im Ma and have many hands to do all the work I need to... Just to let you know, I'm still around yeah? And I miss my talk-nonsense posts too.

Got many many things to write about but here's just a little shoutout for you guys la~

Roanna's wedding dinner is tomorrow and I'm emceeing~ Damn stressed. I need to practise that song I'm going to sing and I need to get that dress...(yah I know...shit I haven't gotten it). Christmas is coming and I've work every single day all the way until Christmas Eve. Good thing is I'm off for Christmas. Bad thing is I CAN'T FREAKING SHOP FOR PRESENTS!!!!!!!!!!!

Room's still in a mess.

Okay okay I shall stop groaning and complaining. Imma head out and get my hair done and that dress gao-dimmed. See you guys tonight!!! I've got inspiration to write~~~

That Silver Girl


  1. Hi Silver! Finally get to meet you in person at OverTime :) I'm Cherie, nice to meet you! I blog at :) Hope to see you at other events!

  2. Glad to see you happily working. Me got some headaches at work, hope to listen to your advice since you were an ex-stewardess and seen many people before. You know, there are some colleagues at my workplace (male and females alike), they think that they are so handsome and beautiful and just simply look down on people who are less good looking than them. They are so proud and arrogant that when others greet and smile and them, they simply ignore them. But having to see them at work everyday makes me want to puke and I really hate to see these kind of people at the same workplace. What would you do if you have to face these kind of people at work everyday? Any good advice on how to deal with them?

  3. dear fellow anonymous,

    i am not silver and though ur question is posted for her to answer, i would like to share an input.

    that is, to learn to ignore.

    though saying is easier than to do it, but think of it, why bother so much about what others behaviors and attitude are?

    just do your own part and if you already did your best, others response doesnt matter at all. after all, you are accountable for your actions only, not others' actions mah.

  4. Thanks for sharing your opinions with me, Anonymous. I tried to ignore them but its really harder said than done like what you said because I always see them around much as I would not like to see these kind of people around me. Its very annoying and irritating seeing these people behaving as if the whole world belongs to them only and only what they say and do means anything but not everyone's else opinions matters at all. How come they can behave so badly and not feel bad at all, I really don't understand what these people are thinking about and what causes them to behave so terribly in the working world? Do they really think that they are invincible? Do they really think that they would always be so lucky and so handsome or beautiful for the rest of their lives? I have some very handsome and beautiful friends, even more handsome and more beautiful than them, but they are not behaving like these monkeys at all. Thats why I respect and love my friends so much and I wonder what these monkeys think they are doing and making a fool of themselves, thinking they are so gorgeous like they own a whole world and behaving like garbages all the time, really stinks. Anyway, Merry Christmas to everyone here and thanks again, Anonymous for sharing with me.

  5. Sorry Silver for making use of your blog to talk about my work. Hope you continue to be happy and do well at work and Merry Christmas to you.