Sunday, 12 December 2010

??!!!!!! Ah Bui!!!!

Oh my god what the hell I just weighed myself today and I've put on 2 kg?????????

Meal replacement diet starts this morning. Not more than 1 solid meal today, and 3 meals to be replaced tomorrow...

And erm, for those of you asking about the slim patch - remember I went for Penang Blogfest.Asia? Yeah I stopped since then, mainly because...

...the stupid patches caused a rectangular discolouration around my belly button. 

I used it consecutively for er...6 or 7 days, then it became a really dark rectangle. I panicked and stopped since. The instructions read that results will be significantly observed after 30 days of consecutive use....really??? The only result I would have gotten is that I'd be so ashamed of that mark I'd never dare wear a bikini ever again and thus never be made to feel so fat... Bleah~

That was in September. It's now December and my tummy still has an embarrassing mark, though it has faded by a bit. -.-" Who the hell wants to be skinny with a gray rectangle across their tummy???!!

So I shall just go back to the method I've tried and worked - meal replacements. And oh, tomorrow onwards I'm going back to Jitterbugs for dance classes. I need to rid myself of at least 3 kg by my friend's wedding this Friday. How did the pounds creep up man? Must've been stagnant too much...Time to buy more meal replacement satchets...and that new pair of Jazz shoes...

Move it~ Lose it~ Need to get that body back...and then that body...

That Silver Girl


  1. what kind of meal replacement did you use? Can share? thanks! :D

  2. hahahaha!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. In the first place, opt for healthy natural foods instead of meal replacements! It doesn't help u stay trim in the long run so why r u still going for it?!

  4. i tried the slimming patch before and i seriously think it's a waste of effort ,time and money .no effect at all and have to bear the pain when tearing it off .as what you said ,meal replacement will be much better and maybe some regular exercise will help instead (: