Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Someday We'll Know

The thing about being with good friends is that they are people you can be silly with...no pretense. With Hagen and Angeline, that's what our friendship is like...I know I've probably never mentioned them, and that is because I haven't seen them in years. And I mean years~~~ So one fine day last week, me and Hagen decided to do a video together. And so it was done. =)

This time, you can't complain about bad video or audio quality, because it was recorded with a proper mic. I really really enjoyed myself doing this song with Hagen, with Angeline being the director.

I've loved this song since I was 18, and I'm really happy to be able to do a cover, even if it's just on Youtube.

Our rendition of 'Someday We'll Know' by Mandy Moore and Jonathan Foreman. I love it, and I hope you guys will like it too~ =D




  1. Hi,
    I've been readin your blog and find it really entertaining sometimes. Kudos to you for following your heart and chasing your dreams.

    if I may offer a piece of advice, I think you need to look like you're not trying so hard. Be yourself, by all means, but perhaps a subdued version may be easier on most people.

  2. nice! i had fun watching as much as you guys had fun doing this video. :D true friends are really hard to find and im glad you have yours to keep! ;)

  3. Anon>> I don't know what you're trying to say when you say I "need to look like (I'm) not trying so hard", been thinking about it all night, but I was being myself, whether recording the audio or the video, so yeah, that's also me. Maybe you're not used to seeing me like that? But like I said, we all have many sides. Glam or not, proper English or Singlish, silly, sophisticated, childish, serious, all these traits can be found in one single person. But yeah, thanks for feedbacking anyway. =)

    P/s. What do you mean by a "subdued version"? This song I sing until very subdued already leh...never 大喊大叫~~~

  4. Hey, I didn't mean you shouldn't show a side of you that you don't have.

    What I mean is that while I did your writing entertaining (perhaps because of your exaggeratedness! ;)), in action it gets a bit much.

    Bring more subdued doesn't mean not screaming and shouting. It is simply about showing more heart sometimes, but I think you tried too hard to achieve that. Be more confident that people will notice you even if you do not put on any certain expression. That will help your real personality shine through.

    I think most celebrities who are truly successful have big personalities without big expressions and actions.

    Just my 2 cents worth...

  5. Hey Anonymous, I personally find Silver quite cute and natural in the video, so I'm not sure what 'certain expression' you're talking abt when u said that she was trying too hard. It might be the director's wishes? Plus, if u've met her in person, u'll find that she is someone with a lot of expressions, just like how she is like in writing. =)

    Anyways, Silver, do know that you can't please everybody, so as long as you're doing what your heart tells you to, just go for it!

    I personally love the video! ;) Keep it up!

  6. the video was not bad, and you have a sweet voice (have heard u singing live too). However, the "for youuuu" which repeated thru out the song was quite off (flat?) though. and kudos to long time no see hagen!! he sang well, liked how he harmonised with ur singing. :)

    oh and ermmm, a tad too many colour alterations in the video ya think? :/ would have preferred seeing some, if not most of it, in actual colour. the green blurry effect was especially too much! yikes.

  7. j.>> Yah I realized the 3rd "youuu" sounded a bit weird~ Lol!!! Nvm la~ Done already~ And the effect? Ehh...u betta comment on his youtube page. Lol~ The video effects were his and Angeline's idea. =) But I thought it was quite nice though. Oh well~ *shrugs* We'll do something different next time!!! =D

  8. Hi Silver, why don't you upload a video of you dancing? I'm sure you're an awesome dancer. :)

  9. Anon>> Because I haven't found a chance to record...mostly dance classes a bit paiseh to ask ppl to help record ma~

  10. Why are you so awesome!