Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Invitation: Hanito Party @ Pasta de Waraku

How am I ever going to lose the weight when I'm such a blessed and loved little girl??? Pasta de Waraku had invited me to their Hanito Party to celebrate the launch of their new dessert - the HANITO!!!!

Huh??? What is that, you ask? Wait la...I will show you...

 MEDIA only hor!!!

They had Pasta de Waraku @ The Heeren all dressed up for the event!!!

Meet Felicia, the nice sweet lady who invited me for this event. 
They had previously invited me for another event months ago, and I had overlooked that email until days after the actual event date!!! I'm glad they didn't blacklist me...lol~

Oh oh!!!! I was THE FIRST ONE to arrive!!! ;)
(Sekali they thought I was being gian peng...lol~)

Guess who I was seated with!!!!
From left: Patrick from 8Days/i-Weekly, then me, Chiew Mei from hungrygowhere, and Valerie from @dlib (pronounced adlib). Free great food, and meeting loads of influential people (eh hem~hem~ me counted).
I'm glad I came. =D

Okay, so what is HANITO? For those of you have been to Shibuya in Tokyo,you may be familiar with this dessert. It's popularly served as a dessert in Japan in some restaurants, cafes and eateries. 

If like me, you're still ulu even after having been there, now's not too late to get acquainted with this dessert, and you don't even have to fly to Japan.

Think thick buttered toast cut conveniently for you into cubes, oozing with sweet honey and sinfully topped with ice cream, fruits, and other yummies, with a very crunchy-on-the-outside-soft-and-warm-on-the-inside exterior.... Oooooo~~~

I was told to choose which Hanito to have...man....how to choose....

I had a really hard time deciding if I wanted Apple Cinnamon, Matcha Red Bean, or Peanut Butter... The Earthquake looked so good too, but I didn't want to kill myself after eating...

 This was what I settled on. The Matcha Red Bean. I'm a green tea person.

The exterior (where I had 'folded' with the fork) was delicious!!!! That was my favourite part of the Hanito! You can actually taste the honey on the toasted-to-perfection bread, sweet, crispy, soft and warm, all at once!

Here are some of the other flavours ordered (not by myself of course)...


 Choco Banana.

 Peanut Butter.

See, the good thing about making friends and sitting together in a bigger group instead of sitting at one corner by myeslf, is that we get to order different things and try each other's food! =D 

My tummy had a feast just tasting the different Hanitos on our table.

 Extremely satisfied after Hanito-ing. Would be nice if I can have this at home...then after eating...just crawl into bed and zzZzzZz~ Comfort food....
Then again, knowing me, I might just have it on the bed itself~ 

Too full. Lol I overate, and I was asked if I would like another drink. *waves white flag*

Great dessert overall, and I would order it if I'm dining with friends, cos then we can all share~ On its own it's actually good enough as a meal, especially if you're looking for something sweet but not TOO sweet. When you're not looking to eat a full pasta meal, this one alone's great. And guess what...

It only costs $6.80!!!!!!
And it's available at all Pasta de Waraku outlets~

I'm definitely coming back for more. Thumbs up Pasta de Waraku!!!!

Visit www.waraku.com.sg to find out where the Pasta de Waraku outlets are!

Sweet Nothings,


  1. Yum yum..looks so good! Gonna try it one day.:)

  2. Is the Hanito avaliable at Airport now?

  3. Anonymous>> I don't think there is an outlet at airport leh...

  4. big eyes - Have have, there is one near the T2 viewing mall there.

  5. HI! I love that outer wear of yours(knitted cardigan?) May I know where you got it from and how much?

    Thank you!