Monday, 15 November 2010

Friends, and Acquaintances

I'm back in Singapore, with some random thoughts I just want to share... I'll blog about my trip once I've organized the pictures and done with the rest of my other projects. =) Then of course I'll blog about more beauty stuff once I can. *wink*

Just...random thoughts la~

How many friends do you have in Facebook? Are they your friends? Really? All of them? Or do you just add anybody who wants to add you? Okay, let's not talk about the friends part. Have you even met these people? Are they even acquaintances? If your facebook account is for you to network and meet new people for business, fine.  But what if you're just a regular person, who maybe, is a little bit famous because of your looks, job, or school, and random people come adding you. Do you accept these 'requests'?

You guys know me. I don't. Even if we're acquaintances I may not let u into my private life, much less if I don't even know you.

My focus today's not on facebook and whether I add people or not. It's more of this friends and acquaintances thing, and do people really know what they're saying when they say they have many 'friends'. I have PLENTY of acquaintances, the touch and go, 一面之缘 kind. There are the acquaintances whom I probably will never have a lot of things to say to if say, we're out alone together. And I mean the natural kind of conversation, not the forced, trying-to-find-topic-so-I-ask-you-questions-you-reply kind of conversation. The kind of conversation that bounces to and fro between me and the other party, one topic leading to another topic, sometimes laughing, sometimes agreeing, sometimes discussing, kind of conversation. I probably have too many of these kinds of acquaintances.

Then there are the kind that I CAN actually chat with. These acquaintances, given enough effort on both sides, are the type who may become your friends. I have a few of these whom I've known less than a few months and met less than 10 times, but I term them as 'my friends'. These are the people whom I find, after speaking to them, to have the same kind of thinking as I do, or at least the same frequency level. Chemistry is there. It's whether both parties want to take the acquaintanceship to the next level - friendship.

Then friends. Close friends. These people are those I can really be myself with. Laugh, talk, joke, cry...(not many people get to see me cry...) Tell them my problems and I know they'll be there. Call them and I know they'll talk to me. And these are the people I will think about should there be benefits for them, like, say, a free overseas trip for 2. Or when it comes to Xmas shopping, these are the guys I'll think about. Or I can count on them to speak up for me when someone badmouths me or spreads weird rumours. And they can count on me to do the same. Then again, I hardly hang out with people who badmouths other people, so maybe I won't geta chance. But they know that should they be in trouble, I WILL try my best to help, or at least be there.

Of course there are people who try to be like your friend when they're with you, but changes once you've got your back turned. Once you find out, delete them from your friend list. Be it in real life, or on Facebook. You don't need them. Really. "Orh she's my friend. Very one kind one la this girl, always this this that that...then I heard she dunno-dunno-what..." Really? I'm your friend? Gee~ I didn't know you were mine...

Random thoughs... can't understand why people are proud to say they have many 'friends'. Just makes me think if these people are just desperate or shallow or something. Like, really? They really have 1458 friends? Oh well...I have about less than 10 close ones. And that's really, REALLY good enough for me.

Till tmr,
That Silver Girl

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