Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The Best Halloween Costume

Is fully grown, unshaven armpit hair on a lady. Who's bothered to have her hair dyed, acrylic gels done, toenails painted and pretty nail art done, and dresses not-too-badly.

I know my idea came late. Was at Universal Studios on the eve of Halloween (yes, the same day as the flea...I went to destress after the super stressful experience..), and just before I entered Universal Studios, I was drawn by the Hershey's shop outside... I used to be really crazy about Hershey's, especially the cookies and cream milk bar. And the kisses were a favourite between young couples back in secondary school, remember? Yeah~

I found this!!! So cool! Like petroleum or something, except it's another dangerous liquid...chocolate syrup!!!

Then when I was in here, the strong whiff of popcorn drew me next door...to Garrett's!!! Garrett is really famous in the states, or so I heard. And the popcorn is really yums, except that it's kinda pricey. A small pack (okay la that's your regular Cathay popcorn size) is $8. Worth every cent though, so that's not SO bad...

And when my partner was deciding which flavour to get, this Chinese lady came, cut my queue, and posted a hell lotta questions to the staff, while resting both her elbows on the glass counter. It wouldn't have bothered me if I hadn't seen the black undergrowth in the pit of her arms......
KNNJDCYDDBT!!!!! Sibeh gross can!!!!???
I mean, it's not stubby shaven but grown out armpit hair you know...it's full-length uncut long thick armpit-ful of hair!!! EEEeeEeeWWW~~~~

It looked like this... (stop eating or drinking if you don't want to end up choking...)

I didn't take a picture of that lady la..but this was what it looked like lor...
And she's a lady who had bothered to dye her hair, had her nail extensions done, complete with nail art, dresses not too badly, and pedicure's almost perfect. And she could not bother to shave/wax/epilate/laser the pitty hairs off??? Urgh~ I swear the best Halloween getup would be this....just look normal and walk with everyone else...IN THE CROWD, then suddenly lift up your arms and shove your armpitful of hair into someone's face. It will DEFINITELY garner more screams than the 'ghosts' who had bothered or been employed to dress up at those Halloween events....

Okay Silver....get over it...breathe~~~

Anyway...after the disgusting fright, I entered Universal Studios for "A Night in the Nether Land". 
(What could be scarier than that lady in the popcorn shop?)

 I think this one's quite creative. I almost wanted to get a drink then I realized the bottles are all covered in cobwebs~ 

 Vntage cars~!!! I have this thing for posing with cars in theme parks....I took similar pictures at Universal Studios Hollywood...

The Hollywood ones somehow look more colourful~ The whole Universal Studios I mean. Not really been to the one in Singapore in the day, so can't really compare I guess...

Overall, mmm, not very exciting leh the event. The good thing was there was a lotta free food. The crew were allwalking around giving out free chicken fingers, churros etc. And I got a free souvenir bottle filled with Coke. Not forgetting every ticket also comes with a free combo meal which we can redeem at any of the 3 food outlets inside (Is it 3? I think I saw 3 la...) I think our Chinese 7th month spooks me more...even when no one's dressed up....

Imagine you really saw 'something', and you thought 'it' was someone dressed up as a ghost. And you just say "Hi" to 'it' when 'it' comes up to you... (that's what I did to all the people dressed up for Halloween leh...lol...anyone who tried to scare me must have felt dejected....)



  1. Lol maybe her husband has a fetish for that? Because I've read before there's this actress who grew her armpit hair because her husband loves it. :O