Friday, 22 October 2010

Voyage De La Vie

Here's another accidental gem. Was in town walking around on my own while waiting to get my hair done when Mummy called. She told me she's got tickets to Voyage De La Vie and she wasn't able to make it for the show. Those tickets cost $93 bucks each, and I didn't want it to go to waste. Coincidentally, this poly friend I hadn't met since my final year had asked me the night before if I want to have dinner together the next day. So she's the lucky one who got to go with me. =D

When I entered Festive Grand, where the show was held, I was pleasantly surprised that I got the 10th row from the front, and they were seats RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE!!! The row JUST before the VIP rows, so there's like a wooden short-wall behind me so I won't have smelly feet behind my head in case someone decides to take off their sneakers. So they're like, PRIME SEATS!!!! Woohoo!!!!

 The VIP seats. See the short wooden walls in front? Yeah, my seat was just in front of that wall.

 Quite a big theatre. Not like, Esplanade big of course, but it's big enough, and the seats were cosy.

When the show started, I got another nice surprise - the singer AKA the main character of the show turned out to be Jonathan Leong from Singapore Idol! Remember him?

I mean, I've seen the posters of VDLV but I only noticed the weird circus-y characters with painted faces and fancy costumes and makeup, especially these 2...

Victor Kee from Ukraine, and recognized as one of the best jugglers in the world. He used to perform for Cirque Du Soleil. 

Alexey Goloborodko from Russia. He scared the hell outta me with his contortionist acts. He can actually lie face down on the floor, and then turn his body up and have his back lie on his butt. Hard to imagine? Tell me about it. This guy's only 16, and he's amazing, and has been tauted as 'one of the best male contortionists in the industry', as well as 'the most flexible person in the world'. To get an idea of how good he is, I've attached a video of him in Russia's One Minute of Fame.

 Can you blame me for not noticing Jonathan?

The show was great. The effects, the stunts, everything. Kids below the age of 8 may be scared because of the effects and the ominosity at some parts in the beginning of the show (I know cos the little girl in my row had to be comforted by her dad), but once you get past those few scenes, it's a show worth its price. ;)

It's about the journey, not the destination.


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