Friday, 22 October 2010

That Facebook Show

Been catching quite a few really good shows lately without having to pay for them. Sometimes, good things do come for free, just like how you get to read my blog without having to pay. ;)

First one up's this movie due for release on the 28th - The Social Network. It's talking about how Mark Zuckerberg, THE brainchild of Facebook, came up with it. Brilliant brilliant show. The guy, Jesse Eisenberg, who acted as Mark? Fantastic. You have to be a genius yourself if you have to spew off large chunks of technical lines only a prodigy could and know what you're saying and act at the same time. I chanced upon this site AFTER I made the previous statement, and I'm kinda proud that I'm spot on. =D I don't even know how to begin telling you how good the show is. One thing to note though - if you're not intellectually there, you may not be able to get what the show's talking about, and the bouncing off of lines from each character in their convo, simply because the show moves quite fast. The conversation that took place between Mark and his ex-gf in the first 5 minutes of the show? Honestly, if your Ang mor's not that good, you'll need to watch it in slow-mo to catch the contents of the conversation.

I kinda like this other trailer too. I know, don't need 2 trailers to show the movie, but there's a different feel, and if both trailers grab you in different ways, then effort is not wasted in making the second one. ;)

Love the show. I am already waiting for the DVD to be out. Trust me, I hardly buy DVDs, so if the show's good enough to compell me to want to do it, it must be something.

Special thanks to Janet Chew from Pepperconn for the tickets. (Who? Janet? Oh yeah, that lady who wrote "The Mile-Hi! Club". She's lovely to talk to!) Wished you were there to catch the show with us Janet. =)

Don't Anyhow Facebook Me, It's EXCLUSIVE,
Silver Ang ;)

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