Thursday, 21 October 2010

Sweet Nails from Milly's!

Remember my super chio set of nails done at Milly's? (See here) This time I wanted something simpler....

 Done by Gina from Milly's bugis. And I wanna say this--> Tina I miss you!!! You always have your off when I've an appointment!!!  Tina, by the way, is the other nail technician who does REALLY pretty nail art, 2D or 3D.
I realized for nail extensions to look really outstanding, they have to be really long. But it interferes with my typing...then I'd blog less and you won't get to read me...that'll be depressing.

I decided to be geh kiang and use add some details to the otherwise plain-looking ribbons. 
I was rushing for time when I did my nails la, so I chose a simpler design. In the end I still wished I'd gone another day and park my butt there for a few more hours for prettier/blinger/wower nails. So I wasn't exactly satisfied with the plain nails....and decided to perhaps brighten up the design with white colour for the insides of the ribbons when I got home.

Bad idea.
So I removed the white.

Anyway, I got introduced by a good friend to Monopoly - the card game! It's a little complicated when you first play, but after you get the hang of it it's actually quite fun when you have a group of good friends playing together!

 Yes, nail-camwhoring... Because my batch boy thought it was nice and took pictures.

IWant夸张Nails(and make real millions),
That SilverGirl

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