Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Skin Care? Sneak Peek.

So many of you have been asking me about my beauty regime I have to keep telling myself I must look alright for you to do this. I mean, I really think my skin ain't as glowy and fair and flawless as before, during the days when I was flying and I had nothing to do overseas in my hotel rooms other than take care of myself properly. ^/^

Then, after EVERY flight, especially flights more than 8 hours, the first thing I'll do after locking my hotel room door, other than rushing to get out of the kebaya and my undergarments (i.e.bra), is to remove my make-up, shower, and slap on a sheet of mask. It can be from anywhere - SKII, Garnier, Face Shop, Skin Food, Watsons, ANYWHERE~ JUST get me a mask!!! It probably kept my skin fair and flawless, other than the smile lines that formed along the mouth, probably due to me being obsessed with whitening and not wrinkle-care, and excessive smiling onboard the airline with the best service ever. The longest I would go without a mask treatment would be 3 days. 3 DAYS!!! MAX~!!! Any more and I'll start to feel uneasy about my skin and worry that it's going to turn bad.

1 year after quitting, I realized to my horror when I was writing this post, that I've become lazy in that aspect. I'm doing masks like once every 2-3 weeks! *!!!!!!!!!!!!* This cannot go on. So, at 1:30am in the middle of the night, I shall do an intensive face-care mask-marathon. Okay la, not exactly marathon, but I'm going to -

For some reason, these masks from The Face Shop can never seem to fit my face properly, but who cares, as long as my face still gets the nutrients. Oh, you know after you use the mask right, don't throw the packaging away yet! There's ALWAYS some more ho liao in the mask packaging which you can squeeze out - use them on your neck!!! When you're 40, you don't want to look like you're in your 20s from chin up but have your neck screaming your age.

After 20 minutes, I removed the mask, and massage whatever remaining goodness there is into my face. I then followed it with a water sleeping pack. (I'm applying it right now btw.) These are super moisturizing and you apply them before you head to bed. I'm not sleeping yet, but I'll just have a layer of this on so my face is force-fed with loads of moisture~

Been under the sun for a short while today cos I was riding, and the sun has never done me any favours other than scorching my skin dry and giving me freckles. So these days after riding in the sun I will almost always come back and give my skin, especially my face, some whitening and hydrating TLC. But today, because I haven't done anything for my face for the past 2 weeks, I'm going to just hydrate because someone told me that whitening products dry your skin even further. Sigh~ Oh well...I'll do the whitening when I wake up~

There, a sneak peek into one of my beauty MUSTS. More coming up~ Keep straining your neck~~~~

Muhuki! (Okay this is starting to get addictive~)


  1. Hey Silver. How long did you fly for? And I understand you live in Woodlands.. with the travel allowance so meagre. How do you manage? do you take 858?

    I think you should write more about your times as a cabin crew. Beauty, travel tips etc. Worry my face will get worse, when it is.. not even that good before flying

  2. FS in training>> I flew for 3 years!!! And er...I drive on turnarounds and short <3days flights. Rest of the time, either cab or get a regular. Email me if u need to get your regular cab okay? There's this guy who can arrange for cabs for you, just need to drop him an sms the day before ur flight and he'll get one of his guys to pick u up for a fixed rate. It's cheaper than calling for a cab and when it happens that someone else in the same area needs to go for flt too, ur cab fare is loads cheaper! Oh, and the rate remains whether or not it's peak hour/traffic jam etc. ;)

  3. hi silver. checking with you. you do face problems like smile lines at the mouth area, with make up on and after smiling alot? do you know of any ways to treat this? is it like the makeup base or face primer that helps? hope you can share with us. thanks!

  4. shir>> I get that problem too. And it was especially terrible when I was flying. Ensuring your face is properly moisturized before applying makeup helps. Or use those wrinkle fillers that are readily available at beauty counters. What you can do is, everytime u go to the washroom, check. If there is a crease, blend it with your (clean) fingertips, then apply loose powder over it to set the makeup. Makeup that has been set has a lower chance of forming creases, esp under eye and smile lines.

  5. thanks so much silver! do you know of any brand of wrinkle fillers which is good?

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