Saturday, 23 October 2010

New Hair Colour

I dyed my hair...again... And no, it's not outta vanity. I loved my previous hair colour, and the colour before that. Every time I do it (well, almost every time anyway), it's for a new show. My hair would've been fried by now if it's not for the good guys from Shunji Matsuo. =D

Sitting inside Shunji's spanking new outlet at The Heeren, level 5...

 And this shall be the last shot of my beautiful light brown hair....


 Black. Like BLACK black that kinda black. The last time I had hair this black was 4 years ago, dyed of course.  
I hope the black fades after a few washes because my natural hair colour is actually quitereddish brown, and I don't want to have to touch up the black every 2 months when my hair grows out. 4 months of not dyeing the hair, hopefully.

Not an Ang Mor Anymore,

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