Sunday, 17 October 2010

《Fun学去》 !

I know I told you guys before that I will inform you when the 《Fun学去》 DVDs are out. They've been out since some time ago, but it's only recently that Volume 4 is (finally) released. So here's an official announcement - You can get your hand on the whole set now!!!!

I just got my own copies of the "Fun Learning" DVDs 2 days ago. To be honest, I haven't really watched a lot of the episodes when season 2 (Vol 3 and 4) came out, because I spent so much time on Saturday nights online and sleeping late that I couldn't wake up on time when Sunday morning comes (Sunday morning, 10am, was when it aired on Channel 8~). *真惭愧*

So when I got those copies, I went home and watched them. Yes, I actually sat through all of them. If you think that this is just entertainment for the little ones, you're wrong man. Okay I used to think so, UNTIL I watched the stuff we did. EH IT'S REALLY FARNEEEEEE LAA I TELL YOU!!!!! I was chuckling through some parts and laughing my ass off at others, and wondering if the humour was meant for adults to get it or for the kids. Lol~ So, yeah, it's quite cool, kids get to learn, adults get to laugh at me and Sugie and the 2 puppets and the silly getups we came up with. Even though I'm from Wawa, this comment is honestly unbiased - BRAVO~ EXCELLENT JOB DONE!!!! Woot~! *standing ovation*

Really, considering it's the very first time Wawa has attempted to do a kids' infotainment show, and this is their first baby, in my opinion, this show's pretty good.

Am trying to upload 1 episode here, so you guys can have a sneak peek at the quality of work, and the entertainment value (No my company didn't pay me to do this, I'm really just sharing with you folks yeah?). And then if you find it good, please do support and buy it for your kids or nieces/nephews or little cousins to watch. Or even your neighbour's kid. Okay la, whoever you think is going to appreciate this. I bought all 4 volumes for my little cousin, and I am SURE she will love it. LOL *bhb until~~~~* Oh yes, I actually have to BUY, because the copyrights belong to Mediacorp and not Wawa, and also because I want to keep my own copies for myself. =)

 If you think I look spastic with my mouth open all the time, it's because 我是哇哇姐姐嘛~ 看到什么都会“哇”,拍照时也当然“哇”啦~~~

There's a little gift inside each of the DVD covers, featuring the main characters, like this Fun学去 ruler with 声声and 韵韵 in Volume 4.

You can find a bookmark featuring me on Volume 2! Okay wait, that's 哇哇姐姐, not me. 
我不是哇哇姐姐啊~ 不要搞错~ 

I'm very clear-headed hor, even though I sound confused. (当艺人的苦,你能何明了~~~)LOL!!!!!
(It's 6am and I'm not sleeping yet, it's natural if you suspect I'm babbling and bonkers at this moment...I probably am.)

Eh hem, okay back to erm, this bookmark. I have extra copies of them, and I thought I'll give them away to my readers? Or rather, your kids at home. Then again if you want it for yourself to use also can la~ I won't laugh at you, I promise. 我会爱死你,simply because you don't mind sacrificing your image to use a 哇哇姐姐 bookmark. *感动*

Okay if you want one, do drop me an email with your name and postage address and why I should give it to you. While stocks last okay? =D

For those of you keen on the DVDs, they're only available at Popular Bookstores, at $15.90 per volume. Popular Cardmembers get 10% discount off your purchase (I got mine at $57.24 instead of $63.60! $6 saved! Can eat 2 meals leh!) 

And oh, if you've already bought it, tell me how you find it okay? My focus next year's on a major kids' production, so it's good to get feedback. At least I know where we (or I) can improve on. If you're going to tell me I should lose weight, I'm working on it already okay~~~ Oh, btw, this kids' show was shot when I was 53kg. I am still 53kg. Okay 52.4, last weighed. So yes, that's what TV does to you - look fat. *pffft

Come back again to check if the video is up k? Taking foooorraaiiirrvuuuurrrr to upload....

For now, it's off to bed.



  1. I watch the show with my sis on weekends!

  2. Serious??? How old are both of you? =DD

  3. yep i watch the show too.
    love 'jialihai'