Sunday, 31 October 2010

Flea's Over

And I'm glad it was. Too many cheapo people looking for below-$5 deals. Sorry girls, my items, some of them cost me more than $100 to acquire. And some were even worn only once. Unless it's a defective item and it would have gone to Salvation Army or thrown away anyway, or it's a I-really-don't-want-to-see-it-again-URGH item, I won't charge you less than $5 for it. Really.

Raining didn't help. Raining heavily when I was getting from the void deck to the loading bay (less then 10m away) and getting drenched while trying to load items into the car, and then sitting in the car drying myself when it just STOPPED FREAKING RAINING, was not a nice experience. Dooo-lahn, to say the least. -.-"

Then there was the trouble of too many flea markets happening at the same area with a collective-name called SCAPE. I had no idea that SCAPE youth park was Youth Park la. SCAPE is SCAPE, Youth Park is Youth Park what...SCAPE Youth Park si see me lahn~~ Wah liew...Okay okay, blame my ignorance. Hmmph~

SO, I pushed and dragged my luggage and bags and clothes rack through SCAPE (the mall itself) downstairs and upstairs and down again (2 separate flea markets going on, on 2 different levels), to find that my name is not on either lists, after squeezing and shoving through the flea vendors, tables, and patrons and then finally managing to find the in-charges hidden in inconspicuous corners. Then I thought...okay, let's try the Kopitiam side where the Youth Park is. (I had thought SCAPE Youth Park is the open space beside SCAPE where they held some YOG games....)

And then I found it. Zann ah, next time please remember to leave your contact number in My bad also la, cos I didn't leave mine neither. Oh well~

AND THEN~~~ (so many things) I had to realize after setting up my clothes rack, that I had left the WHOLE BAG OF HANGERS I HAD PREPARED NICELY, AT HOME!!!!! Wah KNNJDCYDDBT!!!! =..(

For those who keeps asking, it's not as vulgar as you think. If you watched Your Hand in Mind, JDCYD is 鸡蛋炒鸭蛋, and DBT means tak boleh tahan. Knn you know la hor? Not too vulgar right? LOL~ But the abbreviation looks like it sounds more vulgar, that's why it's so shiok to type it. Okay, now that that's resolved~ Moving on....

Drizzling...and because it was at Youth Park, the shopping crowd doesn't really go there. I know I don't la. But that aside, I was told there were not going to be lights at night because of some organizer issues. And because it was raining, it turned dark sooner than I expected. Dark with no lights. Shop simi~ Kua bo already still want to shop meh?

Okay la, I did sell off some stuff I would've otherwise just thrown away (thanks Einein, for lending me some hangers first, and thank you my beloved, for bringing me the hangers later on~ =D), but honestly, this flea wasn't as good as I had hoped it would be. Or maybe I expected too much, considering it's my first flea. Will stick to selling my goods online. I'm new to that too, though I'm no beginner on SHOPPING online la~ So I do have some basic knowledge.

Snap-&-Post is still my thing. In the comfort of my all-weather-proof airconditioned newly-renovated bedroom. (Thanks to lovely Mummy and Aunt who designed it.)

So Snap-Post-Sell works well enough for me. Just don't blame me if the items you bought from me don't have the same effect as when I wore them. Because I got class. WAHAHAHAHA!!!!! 
(Xiao Za Bor...自己讲自己笑~ hurhurhur)

This romper nice right? Not for sale. Too bad. But the rest of the items on my "Shop My Clothes" page are. That's at the top, just below my blog banner. Will keep updating, so keep coming back to check for possible buys yeah?

I Got Class, I Insist,

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