Sunday, 10 October 2010

Feeling Under The Weather

Harlow~~~ I've been diarrhoea-ing since yesterday morning, accompanied by severe backaches and muscle pains, as well as a throbbing head which gives me dizzy spells. Absolutely no appetite, because anything I put into my mouth tastes like bile and anything that enters my stomach either causes the diarrhoea mechanism to act up or my stomach will decide it doesn't want the food there and push it back up my gullet.

And it's not getting better today. Kept waking up throughout the night feeling I need to lao and vomit my half-eaten dinner of a few mouthfuls of yam and rice but because I was feeling so weak I couldn't get out of bed to go to the toilet. Until about an hour ago. Partly because I really had to change my tampon (yah...they all have to come together and make me feel like shit all at once....) and mainly cos I couldn't take it and really had to vomit. Yup, undigested yam which smells horrid because it's been mixed with bile. Gross right? I know. You're just reading it. I'm actually experiencing it real-time. Yuck.

Was supposed to help Geck Geck with her school assignment (acting as an Indian...) this morning but my current condition really doesn't allow it. =( So much for looking forward to seeing her...

Oh btw, Happy Birthday Row! I owe you a present okay?



  1. Hi Silver,

    Take care & get well soon. Avoid oily food & drink more water.


  2. Hi Silver,

    Hope you get well soon.