Friday, 29 October 2010

Bubbly Cover

This is madness~ Doing this at 2am when the soundproofing in my room is non-existent. Was damn worried my Mum will come in and say "几点了还这么吵~"...


Recorded with my webcam, and with the built-in mic. I know the sound quality's kinda bad, do bear with it. I promise I'll get my hands on that Snowball mic soon.. (where on earth can I get it in Singapore????)

Off to Bed!!!


  1. Hey Silver,

    Long time reader, not a hater..

    But just had to leave a comment when I heard this song. You're a great singer, but think you should stick to chinese songs.

    Gotta say really loved your 'xin dong'..


  2. I agree with jc.

    Somehow you sound as though you have a tongue stud on your tongue. Very JUAN3 SHE2. :O

  3. Really ah? *sobs*

    *walks away in dejection...*

    Bluff you one la!!! Think I so easy sad meh? Is it cos I don't have the Singaporean ang mor accent??? Lol~ I dunno how ppl with tongue stud sound like...don't think it sounds like me la, cos I don't have a tongue stud...

    Sigh, will do a better job come November...hopefully I get my Snowball mic by then, and I start recording songs in the DAY. =D

  4. Hope to hear a clearer version! Maybe it's the mic's fault. :P