Sunday, 10 October 2010

Being an Artiste, and a Blogger

I was reading Xiaxue's blog, and I was thinking, way back in 2004, when I was still a student in SP, someone asked me if I read Xiaxue's blog. She wasn't exactly famous back then. Or maybe cos I was too ignorant and busy with SPSU's stuff to really know what's on TV, who's big then, what's going on with my country and all. Fast forward 6 years and she's one of the leaders in the blogging industry and I'm an amateur with (almost) 1 year's blogging experience. Back then, I did have a blog, but it was more of an online diary because I didn't want family members prying on my physical diaries. My blog was private. No pictures, no one else knew the URL other than a few really good friends. I never thought I would ever have a blog with a readership of about 10,000 views a week.

I was having tea with Row and Candyce and 2 other friends yesterday, and they were actually saying I write well. Like, objectively, as a conversation topic. And Candyce was saying how before I got all this attention on my blog, my writing was already 长篇大论. (Lol) I was suddenly thankful that I have friends who really bother with the things I do, that they actually bother to read my writing even though it's almost always very wordy.

For this, really, I have 2 persons to thank - Xiaxue, whom I have yet to know personally, and Qiuting, my best girlfriend ever. Before I started on my blog, they were the only ones whose blogs I read, and in more ways than one I guess, they were the inspiration behind me actually starting my own "Silver Ang. As Is." They were so real, so themselves, yet so funny. And since I was coming back to entertainment, what better way to let people know the real me? And thus, this blog was born.

It's probably the first of its kind, an artiste being totally herself for the world to see, judged or not. Most local celebrities' blogs are a way for artistes to reach out to their fans, to update people on the films they're making, what public appearances they have, and random stuff which hardly ever have any negative connotations. Now that I have you guys reading my blog and knowing me for me, I wonder, if (and when) I become bigger, does that mean I have to be less real? I really hope not. I have a 52-episode long kids' variety show which I will be hosting with Sugie next year, and being a kids' show host means I am sorta like a role model? How do you guys see it? I know late last year and earlier in the year there's 《Fun 学去!》 and some of you are actually parents of kids who watch it. I'm sure you guys recognise that it is a show and it is my job and that the character is acted out, but will kids be able to tell the difference? Or will they think I'm some schizo character out to confuse them should they chance upon my blog? Maybe they'll fall in love with the real me and continue watching the programme anyway. I shudder to think how I'll juggle between blogging and showbiz, because in traditional media, artistes are kept quiet by their managers and their companies and thus say only what is deemed fit, but in the world of blogging, bloggers break boundaries by trying new things and giving real opinions. I feel like I'm getting into a dilemma already...

May I find my position soon.

Love You Guys Loads, For Being There,
The Lost Babe, Silver


  1. Gambatei!!! U can do it!!!


    Nicole Leow

  2. Is there really a contradiction between a blogger and an artiste? Being an artiste means that you have to do things that may not reflect the 'real' you. But just like any other professions, we don't really get to be ourselves because there are bound to be restrictions here and there forcing us to become a slightly different person. But being a blogger is like what you said, an online diary. It just helps you to express yourself and let people know the 'real' you. which is good because I believe everyone would like to know the 'real' person besides knowing the artiste persona. In my opinion, being a blogger helps you rather than hinders you because there are more possibilities about you shown to your fans and the public. I personally think that you are already doing a great job here. Hope for more good things coming your way soon.


  3. Thanks Chris, you've helped me to see things from a different perspective. I wrote this post because of certain things that happened due to me being a blogger and how people, namely people from the Chinese media, have given me feedback. I really hope I can keep the real me here. Hope for more things coming my way soon!