Friday, 22 October 2010

Ad: Xquisis

New shoes!!!!! I've this thing for nude heels at the moment. Classy, easy to go with many colours, and not over-the-top. Subtle but elegant. ;)

And check out what I got from Xquisis!!!

 Do not look at the cloth hanging outta my wardrobe...I didn't stuff them in properly, that's all... *malu*
The SHOE!!!! It made me taller by 14cm!!!!!!!! And it's very comfortable!!!
 Because of the platformed nature of the design, you don't have to arch your feet as much to get to that extra 14cm. Now I've got something to wear for events where I know I have TALL actresses beside me. They wear 10cm high heels, I wear 14. ;)

 Next up~

 This!!!! It's so princessy and glam at the same time that I HAD to get it when I saw it on their site.

 The detailing is gorgeous...

From the back. Easy to put straps to hook or tie, just zip up and go. =)

And u know what? These 2 shoes were priced at S$39.90 each. Try getting such shoes in the malls, with this quality. They will cost you at least $69.90. 

Some other pretty shoes which caught my eye:


D&G-inspired. Do you see the face?

Not just heels, they've pretty flats and bags too! 

Go go...time to get that pretty pair of shoes for Christmas and prom. And oh, that Annual Gala Dinner. So many occasions to shop for come year-end! Don't wait until last minute, then have the salesgirls in malls tell you "Sorry, no more size".



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  1. hey babe does it fit true to your sizing? thanks!