Wednesday, 13 October 2010

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Seen these things?

Nope they're not nail polish - they're Minx Nails!!!

What nails????

Okay a little background information about Minx Nails. It is a flexible polymer that is heated then applied to nails, like a sticker, they are a mess free, green alternative to nail polish and fake tips. Spotted on the nails of many Hollywood celebrities, these things are setting a trend~ Unfortunately, though, Minx Nails are only available in selected nail salons, and that is, if they actually bring it in here in Singapore.

What you can get here, babes, are nail polish stickers. OPI has them, and I think I've seen them in Sephora, though it's like $20 per pack of erm...10 pieces? Bit pricey for me, though some ofyou rich lasses out there can easily afford them. So, I've got these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

from The Runway Show!

At $9.90 a piece, or 3 for $24.90, these are a steal. Nail salons will charge you $40 at least, for nail art like that? These will last at least a week. Bear in mind normal nail polish can only last you 4 days without chipping.

I'll show you guys how to put this on:

 1. Begin with clean nails. Remove all traces of nail polish and oil residue with nail polish remover. Then apply a layer of base coat over the nails.

 2. Open up the pack. Decide which sticker goes where. If you're a leftie, the left hand fingernails will be slightly bigger and vice versa if you're a right-hander. So choose wisely, cos there's only 10 pieces. All different sizes. Yup that's the only downside. But if you've got tiny nails, it doesn't matter if you put one wrong.

 3. Carefully peel off the sticker from its backing. If you have difficulty doing so, try using the stick provided in the pack

3. Stick it on. Carefully. I was a bit careless with mine so the edges turned out not very nice. Begin by sticking the centre on, then gently pull the edges over the rest of the nail.

4. When you're done, you will have a free edge hanging over the nail. Using the nail file included in the package, gently file it off, and file in one direction only~~~

5.  Continue with the rest of your fingers, and once you're done, apply a layer of top coat to make it nice and glossy.

6. There, you're done! No need to sit there with vampire fingers and not daring to really do anything while waiting for nail polish to dry! YAY!!!

我是熊猫妹妹! WAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
Face chui, but nails super chio!

P/s. One thing to note, if you're wearing gel nails or acrylic nails, your nails tend to be bigger than your natural nails. As my natural nails already quite huge, PLUS I had gel overlay on, even after careful selection of the sizes, some of the rest of the stickers still couldn't fit my other hand. For those of you with the same issues, you'll need 2 packets okay? But if you've large nails and no overlay, 1 pack might just be good enough. =D

Keen to dress up your fingernails too? Head on over to The Runway Show now~! They've 6 designs waiting for you (and more coming~*wink*). And wait wait!!! Quote "SILVER" in your orders and get 15% off your purchase! Okay go~~~



  1. wow... really panda bear.. lols

  2. long nails are really disgusting... do you know how much bacteria is under there? bleagggggh

  3. Mab>> I know! Especially after you orh pi sai right?????? Muahahahah~~!!!!!

  4. 4:39am still haben sleep... wait from 熊猫妹妹 become 熊猫姐姐 then 熊猫阿姨 haha!