Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Ad: the199shop

New clothes again!

Proudly presented by the199shop! Clothes for work, play and school, and all for just $19.90 a piece!!!

 I feel like going to the park already~ Oh why am I not in London~~~???
Florals and happy hues~ Wee~~~

Okay okay...I know my picture background not chio la~ I don't have other clear backgrounds at home cos that's the way it is...so here's the dress as modelled by the..erm...model. =D

There. Nice~ The model has nice legs~~~*slurp~ pervertic stare*
Eh hem...right~ Where was I? OH! It comes in green skirting too, but I think the yellow's chirpy~

I wore this when I sang with Mint at Eve Bar, but I wore a jacket over to create a different look. =)


 This is great for the office. Materials's quite nice too. And honestly, $19.90 for officewear like that? Of course you can find, but you really gotta go to the heartlands and search man. At the199shop, you just need to click your mouse~ ;)


 Close-up of the material and the side pocket. Notice the gold trimming?

 The back view

Specially for my readers! Enter "SILVER" at checkout to get $2 off your purchase!!!! Go go~ have fun shoppping!

Muhuki! (That's MUacks, HUgs & KIsses for u...yah I know..lame, but I think it sounds cute!)


  1. (1)this might be personal money saving tips $$$. super models use only $19.90 'baju's.

    (2)back view? emmm silverlicious

  2. Hi babe, can i know where you got your stockings from? and the specific code. cause i wanted a darker translucent type like yours.

  3. Anon>> I have no idea!!! The stockings have been around for ages, and I remember buying quite a few from Japan, brand I really can't remember.