Friday, 8 October 2010

Ad: Dressing Lane

Shopping time!!!! Look what I got from Dressing Lane~~~~

 Eye masks!!! With uber cute packaging! I'm won over because it's a drawing of a girl and her dog....reminds me of me and Alton~!!!

The lady boss, knowing I love beauty products, sent me these eye masks as gifts. No they don't sell them. (Yah hate me. I did that on purpose. LOL!!!) Told you they were just nice gestures Nanz (the boss) wanted to share with me. Awww~~~ You're so nice la Nanz!!!

 Okay...the REAL deal....

To be honest, when I first got this dress, I was a bit worried I wouldn't be able to carry it off cos this cutting suits tall girls best. And I'm far from being tall.... Then I got creative and decided to fold the hem inwards so the tight end at the bottom of the dress sits on my er...bottom....

 LOL!!!!! Okay, I rejoice in the fact that 10 years down when I decide to get pregnant I will still be able to wear this. =D

The secret lies in how I decided to wear We'll leave the pregnant styles for years later. ^.^

 I mentioned I folded the hem up right? With a belt, it held the folds in place!
 Looks better?

You ain't seen nothing yet~~

I got style leh~~~

 Just throw on a structured jacket and you're all powered for work!
Amazing how a different outerwear can change the whole look huh?

Don't want to use a belt? No prob. You know those big hairpieces you can easily get from accessory shops? With both the clips for hair as well as an attached safety pin so it can double up as a brooch? Use it to hold up the amazing detailed layers of the dress!

 Same thing: Structured jacket for work, and a softer cardigan for a more laid-back feel.

 And if you wanna go really fashionista-ish, throw on a fancy necklace!


The look I like the most~ =D
One many ways...ain't I a genius?

 How the layers look like.

  Side view

 Back view.

Comes in grey as well. But honestly, pink's more fun, and you can create more looks. =DD

They've got plenty of other nice stuff too, for both work and play.

 This one's nice and casual, and I like the detailing on the shoulders. 
I'm suckers for detail~ =)

 Rompers! No frills, and easy to throw on (you don't have to think of mixing and matching tops and bottoms)!

Something to brighten up your work week!!! Discounts EVERY Wednesday during lunch hour! (Between 12noon to 2pm!!!)

That's not all!!! As a way of saying thanks to all their customers, Dressing Lane is giving out Charlotte-Grace's cupcakes voucher for anyone who spend a minimum of S$20 with them! (Mind you, I've seen the pictures of the cupcakes, they look soooooo pretty!!!!!)

Honestly, it's not hard to spend $20, so hop over to Dressing Lane, buy that dress, THEN get those cupcakes now!!!!!!


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