Sunday, 12 September 2010

Weight-Loss Diary - Day 8 (10 Sep 2010)

I've been up to so much activity these 2 days I can't remember much of just 2 days ago...pardon me if I didn't include some details okay? Really can't remember...

Woke @ 1200 ( I think)

  • 1st Meal @ 15 minutes after I woke: Mixed Vegetable Rice (Tofu, Beans, Stir-fry chicken w/o skin)
  • Snack @ 1730: Durian Omelette from Emicakes. Had gone there to buy Alton's birthday cake. And saw that they had put "Best Seller" beside this thing called "Durian Omelette". Emicakes is FAMOUS for their durian cakes, and being a durian fan, I had to try their supposed bestseller...

Can't wait to try~ Teehee~~


It's good! Would be EVEN BETTER if it was very cold. It's like sponge cake on the outside, with durian fillings wrapped like popiah (or omelette la, whatever you call it...but it's not eggy...just wrapped like an omelette, that's all~)

  •  2nd Meal @ 2200: A slice of Alton's birthday cake. 

Okay this looks mashed up. Will show u the actual cake in Alton's birthday post k? 

  • 3rd Meal @ 0115: Rice with Dishes. Okay I found this REALLY nice place to hang out, which you can bring your pooches!!!! It's called Club July, located inside Club4Paws at Stagmont Ring Road, just beside the rail road. It's damn cool la! Opens from 11am to 2am daily. You can go there and have drinks and chill with friends (and your dog) or you can go there to have a good meal at reasonable fare. Ok let's see what I had... (Shit I'm supposed to be on diet..... -.-)

Stingray. This was the smallest one ($8), and it's BIG!!! Value for money! Definitely more wu hua than if you eat at Newton or Pasir Ris Fisherman's Village...

Sesame Oil Chicken?'s 麻油鸡. This one's VERY good. Must try~ 

Tom Yum Soup. $5. And the serving size is almost 3 times that of Thai Express'. And it's good as well..

I had Kai Lan 清炒芥兰 as well. I don't know why I didn't take a picture of that...

I was recommended this Lychee drink with Bubble Gel. The black balls are the bubble gels.

Very refreshing. Tad sweet, but still acceptable. The lychee kinda sweet.

Shit I ate too much. =(

P/s. I heard they are going to have a karaoke hall set-up soon! So after your makan, you can head into the karaoke hall to chill and sing~ Dogs are not allowed inside the hall la, but they are free to roam in the cafe area, UNLEASHED~ Woohoo!!!!! Club July ROCKS!!!!!!

PP/s. I'm not sure about their outlet in Bishan though. I just know the outlet inside Club4Paws welcomes dogs. And I'm bought over because it's like a mini Dempsey road chillout place. At Yew Tee!!!! Not too far from my place!!! Cool or what?

Water: 1+1+1

Shat? YESSS! Once. =DD Better than nothing!

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