Friday, 10 September 2010

Weight-Loss Diary - Day 7

By now you should've realized that my efforts in dieting were .... effortless. I didn't feel like I was trying. Just eating the usual stuff I eat. Except from the slim patch (which I kept forgetting to put on) and the FatBlaster pills (which I don't eat for every meal cos I don't bring it out) and the meal replacements (about the only thing I can pat myself on the back for). Starting from Day 8 (that's later), I'd have to up the weight-loss efforts by a notch or two.

I got to deal with just dieting for the next 2 weeks, because of my accident this afternoon. It left me with a gross wound on the wrist with 2 chunks of skin scraped off. (How I wish it was 2 chunks of fat which were scraped off~) And the bike was going at like less than 10km/hr? It wasn't even a collision man, it was a scrape between the bike and the reversing van (the driver said he was looking at the other side and didn't see us (I was pillioning, not riding...)). Oh well...lucky it was just a mild accident. Which left my arm intact.

I purposely didn't give you guys warning to gross you out! Muaaahahahaha~ 
Okay la at least you don't have to deal with changing dressing for this every day.
The chlorhexidine solution to wash the wound with is just......Ooooowwww~~~

Doctor said this should heal within 10 days. Looks promising?

And the doctor also said the only way to ensure it will heal nicely without scarring or keloid growth is to keep the wound clean. I honestly think exercising, sweat, to be more specific, can cause bacterial growth. And I don't want that. If not next time 拍广告就不美了... *delusional*

Wrapped up so I don't scrape it against table corners (ouch~) or book corners (OUUUCH!!!) or fabric (..........urghhh~~) and so I don't gross myself and others out, like how I did 10 seconds ago.

Okay enough of the gross stuff, let's see what I ate today...

Woke @ 0900

1st Meal @ 1000: 1/2 bowl of Maggi Healthy Mushroom Soup (that's what the packaging says!!! Lol~), and 1 1/2 French Toast, with oil sucked out with paper towel...This reminds me of my secondary school days when I would flatten the french fry with the paper napkin to drain the oil before eating it...a bit compulsive I know...

2nd Meal @ 1330: Duck Rice

1700: 1 cup of Earl Grey Tea

3rd Meal @ 2145: Ajisen 'Volcano' Ramen. with White Fish. So disappointing. The ramen came as...not ramen. It was the Laksa 粗米粉 lor...dunno why~ Asked the waiter he told me it's ramen. I still don't think it is. Prob a blessing in disguise cos 粗米粉 is less fattening. I didn't finish the soup either cos it's mainly chilli oil. I don't respect recipes which tell me the food is very very hot and it comes served with a thick layer of chilli oil on top. That is like...hiong one...macam try too hard like that~ What I like, are chilli recipes which the eatery comes up with themselves. Like nasi lemak chilli, I'm sure you know they're not all the same. That's chilli recipe for you. Lots of chilli oil just doesn't cut it. -.-"

I didn't take any pictures, but I found this picture of the volcano on the web. Mine had a more chilli oil than this. And it's a pool of red after mixing in the chilli paste.

And this one was from an Ajisen outlet in California. Notice how there wasn't much chilli oil? Both had the 4 chilli sign. Maybe it IS spicy, I wouldn't know, but this one definitely wasn't using chilli oil to make it spicy.

Snack @ 0045: A few fries. A few sips of Coke. As you can tell, I didn't order anything and this is typical of anyone nipping food from someone who did. Had decided to bring Alton out since it's his birthday already~ So we went to KAP McDonald's. And sat outside of course.


Okay he was happy like that until he got to the car...

*Tired. Like. F~~~. ZzZzZzZZ*

Water: 1+1+1

Shat? YABADADOOO!!!!! 3 TIMES DUDES!!!!! THREE TIMES!!!!!! I feel good~~ *dadadadadadada~* So good~ *dud dud* So good~ *dud dud*  I feel good~ *dud~dud~dud~DAAA~*

I gave up on putting a dash beside "Exercise", so I'll stop.

Anything Else? Slim Patch!



  1. OMG!! I felt queasy when i saw ur wounds!! It must be damn painful!! :'(

    Try extra caution not to wet the wounds when u're bathing and washing ur hand/face... if u start seeing pus and the wounds are still wet after 4-5 days, then u better go see doc again cos inflammation will lead to scars!

    And dun eat dark soy sauce as well as seafood.. u might just want to be on the side of caution :P

    Speedy recovery!! :D

  2. Sorry to hear about your little accident. It's a pity that you didn't horn in time to prevent the accident. I'm glad that the accident isn't affecting your weight loss program and dancing schedule

  3. I felt queasy when i saw ur wounds!! It must be damn painful!!

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  4. Its very painful.. I felt bad...