Thursday, 9 September 2010

Weight-Loss Diary - Day 6

Woke @ 0700

  • 1st Meal @ 0800: Cambridge Diet Soup (Flavour: Lactose-Free Mushroom)
  • 2nd Meal @ 1200: Lor Mee. Had filming today, and the crew decided to eat at Tiong Bahru Market. One of them was raving about the lor mee and how everyone MUST try it. And so I did. I'm usually not a lor mee person, but this one had me raving about it as well. GOOD AH!!!!! I also had a hum chim peng. Cos I was feeling greedy. Lol.

On the set of "Point of Entry", a channel 5 show which I will be on, as a Mrs Tan. =)
 You guys remember him? He was missing in the local entertainment scene for a while. Found out from him he went Taiwan surfing~ Like, you know, the 夏日么么茶 that kinda lifestyle? Nice~

 Crew waiting for instructions while the director's on the line discussing about the next scene's location.
That was the light's pole I was holding...

  • Snack @ 1930: Coral Jelly. I bought this when I was at See Beh Lor, after a temple session. There was a push cart selling this coral jelly thingy. You just put 1 cube into 500ml of hot water, stir, make sure everything's dissolved, then refrigerate. Supposedly great for the skin, and tastes nice, so well, why not? =)
  • 3rd Meal @ 0000: Instant-cook Indian vegetarian curry with rice. (Half the serving)
  • Water: 1+1 (Bad...only 2 glasses~)
Exercise: - 
Shat: Yes. Only a bit.

Why do I keep forgetting the Slim Patch??? Why why why?????

2 persons said I slimmed down leh~ From what I also dunno. Weighing machine didn't show anything different. They were people whom I worked with during Your Hand in Mine. So maybe slimmed down from then I guess...



  1. Oh oh oh u know about the coral jelly thingy!! I wanted to recommend to u too!! But hor I find the cube one too sweet so I bought the coral seaweed and made it into jelly myself... though more troublesome (but u get more nutrients and goodness), I think it's worth the trouble.. less sugar = less calories too! And also, it's CHEAPER!!

    How much did u pay for the cube? I once bought a pack of 6 cubes and cost me $16! I find it ex leh!!

    One more thing, try wholemeal bread...wholemeal a good source of fiber and it works for me (in preventing constipation)... maybe u can make tuna/chicken (breast) sandwich for one of ur meal (to substitute rice) with lots of lettuce and japanese cucumber (cucumber is diuretic so it helps the body to flash out toxins and prevents water retention, provided u drink sufficient water).

    Walking wif u thru ur dieting days... jiayou!! :D

  2. Carol>> I'm super lazy one lor ask me to make from the coral seaweed to jelly I think i'd rather not eat. Lol~ I honestly cannot remembr how much I bought it for leh, but it's for 9 cubes I think. Maybe some ppl feedback too sweet so they made it into smaller cubes and in 9 pieces? Think about 10ish dollars also~

    For a period of time I'll always eat wholemeal bread with tuna. But hor, I find that it's quite addictive then I'll keep reaching out for more. Bleah~ Then I read somewhere that bread is really scientifically I stopped. And I realized that when I stop I won't have the craving.

  3. I dunno if I remember correct if mine was 6 or 9 cubes, but there're 2 flavours, one is with rock sugar (plain) or brown sugar but it's really damn sweet.

    Hahahaha... I do agree tat bread CAN be
    addictive to a certain extent.. I was crazy about bread when I was a kid tat I've "包包脸"! LOL!! But now whenever I substitute sandwich for a meal, I will put lots of lettuce or make garden salad to go with the sandwich.. but the time I finish the salad, there's no more space in the stomach to make me crave for more bread. Smart hor :P LOL!!