Monday, 6 September 2010

Weight-Loss Diary - Day 4

Day 4

Woke @ 1300

  • 1300: 1 cup of Earl Grey Tea
  •  1st Meal @ 1400: 1 1/2 Pita Bread with Instant-cook Indian Curry.
  • 2nd Meal @ 1745: Nasi Lemak (small serving)
  • 2000: 1 cup of Slim Tea

 Bought this some time back, also from Mustafa.

I bought this because of its wooden box packaging. Lol $6 plus, 20 satchets.
The brand's Mlesna. But I can't find any info about this tea on their website leh...
Oh well, just drink for fun lo...

  • 3rd Meal @ 2330 : Seafood Tom Yum Mee Hoon Kuay. The weather was so cold I HAD to have something hot and soupy~~~ I was shivering while riding can~ Brrrr~ And I already had a thick jacket on, zipped up to the neck, and a tube bandanna around my face and neck... -.-"
  • Water: 1+1+1

Exercise: - 100 crunches.

Shat? ^.^ Smiling means I did. Cos it's such a happy event.

Anything Else: Slim Patch. Okay more on this thing, since I kept getting enquiries on where to get it. I got it from There are those selling at $11.90, some cheaper, but the supposed authentic one is going at $17.90, by this seller called mingo. Mingo's slimming patch site also has a extensive write-up on the product in 女人我最大 and 小 S' weight loss journey using the patch. I dunno if the ones I bought were authentic, but I've just ordered another 1 pack (there are 10pcs in 1 pack) from mingo, just in case. =)

Oh yes by the way, am using this Digital Weighing Scale by Amore. It shows the Weight, Body Fat percentage, Hydration and Muscle level/content, plus it stores up to 5 users' measurements in its memory. So today I want to take measurement right? I set my age, height, user code (01,02,03 and so on), and I step on. Viola! In a few seconds my weight, together with all the things I've mentioned, shows up on the small screen. When I take my weight again 3 days later, I just set it to my user code again, then my own weight from 3 days ago will pop out. After a few seconds it'll go to zero and I can step on and take my new (hopefully lighter) weight. Aiyah so cheem next time take picture and show you guys, easier for me to illustrate. For those who understand, this thing is so cool right????

Current Weight (taken at 1930): 52.9kg
Fat: 22%
Hydration: 53.6%
Muscle: 38.1%

According to the chart given together with the weighing machine, for a female aged 30 and below, normal fat/hydration levels are as follows:

Fat           : 20.6-25%
Hydration : 51.6-54.6%

So interesting!!! And I'm in the normal range!!! Okay la all along I know I'm in the normal range, just that physically, for the TV and as an artiste, I look chubby. And it seems being underweight is the norm these days, correct me if I'm wrong.



  1. where to get the weighing scale?:)

  2. Anon 11:38PM>> Mine's from Amore. =)