Monday, 6 September 2010

Weight-Loss Diary - Day 3

I was so caught up yesterday (this morning??) in my starblog entry that I forgot to update!!! Word crashed on me 3 times. All 3 times AFTER I've finished writing my 2nd paragraph (both paragraphs were long...) Trying not to get to pek chek, I had gone destressing at Mustafa at 11pm and only returned at 3. Bought enough groceries for a week's worth of ration. I've this liking for Indian food, and I've to stick to this strict discipline of eating only 60% full. 1 naan +curry? =P

Day 3:

Woke up @ 1100 with a flu and body aching all over.

  • 1st Meal @ 1130: Half packet of Cai Tao Kuay. It was bought for me la, otherwise it's a dish I usually don't order. Not because it's fattening, but because I'm just not too big on it...
  • Snack @ 1400: 1 Pear
  • Snack @ 1700: Chee Cheong Fun
  • 2nd Meal @ 1900: Rice with Chicken Soup, Broccoli and Fish nuggets
  • Snack @ 2200: 2 Black Plums
  •  3rd Meal @ 0200: North Indian Vegetarian Meal. (Rice with a lot of their liao which I don't know the names of!!!)
  • Water: 1+1+1
  • Tea: 1+1

I could never count on weekends to lose weight because on weekends (especially Sundays) my meals are determined, bought, or cooked by other people. The best times for me to lose weight is when I'm alone and left to my own devices. I don't eat when it's supposedly meal time, I eat only when I'm hungry. So today is busted. =( I bought loads of tea leaves when I was at Mustafa cos I'm such a tea person. Will be adding tea to my diets cos tea supposedly helps you to detox, right?  Especially Oolong tea...

Exercised: -

Shat: -

Slept @: I have no idea. I dozed off at 0430, then woke again at 0600, then dozed off, then woke again at 0700, then dozed off and woke again at 0800, then finally completed my Starblog entry and slept at around 10?

Because my sleep was a dozed-off kind of sleep and not an intended one, I had forgotten the Slim Patch altogether. Then my 大姨妈 is visiting soon so I'm slightly more peckish than usual...
One word of advice: Never start a diet near your period. You'll have all sorts of cravings which, left unsatisfied, wreaks havoc in the lives of the people around you...Doesn't help at all if you happen to fall sick just before your period.



  1. Hi silver,

    The digital weighing scale do I have to go amore to get it as well?

    So keen in that.

    Good Luck in ur slimming programme.

    I am trying to too..

    Ur ex colleague Nicole

  2. Hey Nicole,

    The particular weighing scale I have is from Amore la. Just acquired last month. So if you want to get it they should still have stock.

    Jiayou wor Nicole!

  3. Hello Silver

    I am also slimming down! 加油!!we can do it!!

    The weighting machine is cool!! i wan!! where can i get it??

    Thank you..

  4. Hi Silver,

    I just called amore city square outlet. They said they dun sell the weighing scale. They only provide as a free gift is a member reccomend 2 friends to join.