Sunday, 5 September 2010

Weight-Loss Diary - Day 2

Am going to use up all my weight-loss aids which I've bought over the past 2 years (but never finished them). It happens hor, we see something, we're so enthusiastic that it may just work, so we buy it. Then we eat/use it for 3 days, then eh...dunno what happened to it...and 3 months later while packing the room or kitchen you find it again. But you've lost the enthusiasm to use it. And it just...sits there. Like your fats. Lol. So now I've the following things in my stash:

  • FatMagnet Fat Blaster pills. You know, the kind of pills you eat 30 minutes before your meal, then it supposedly absorbs fats/carbs from your food and you pass them out. Because it's so annoying to have to wait 30 minutes and because our eating times are spontaneous and irregular, it's quite a hassle to use. Plus, you don't want to eat these things in front of your friends/colleagues so you have to find an excuse to pop it in 30minutes before your meal, without them noticing. Damn leh cheh....
  • Aloe Valley pills (to aid in bowel movement. Shitting = aided weight loss)
  • Celebrity Slim meal replacement soups/shakes (from Australia)
  • The Biggest Loser (Ha~~~) meal replacement soups/shakes (Aussie too, they have loads of these things cos there are quite a lot of fat Australians around. Don't know why...)
  • Cambridge Diet meal replacement soups
  • Slim Patch (to be placed over the belly button before sleeping. Word has it that 小S used this to slim down after her pregnancy.)

    I have a thing with meal replacement satchets. I know. I found them a darling to use when I was a stewardess. Especially on long flights to places like Amritsar or Moscow where it's a hassle to go out and get food, I bring loads of these satchets along for my meals. This was how I kept my weight in check whenever I feel my kebaya getting tight. 2-3 days of this, and heh heh! Kebaya's back to being a comfortable fit! Heck, even replacing just 2 consecutive meals with these can get me instant results. I balloon fast and drop back the ballooned weight fast also la, so I'm thankful. Stewardesses, you may want to try this! Feel hungry? Just sleep la~ Or drink loads of water. Won't be as easy if you're holding a job which requires lots of dining and coffee with clients though.

    Okay, here's my record for the day:

    Woke @ 0700

    • 1st Meal @ 0930: Brown rice with Japanese seasoning.

    These are really nice okay. Just add them to plain rice/porridge and you'll get a flavourful meal. These are sold at $5plus per pack in local supermarkets, and I got A LOT of these from Japan on my last flight at the 100-yen shop (DAISO!!!!) for about S$1.60. It's 3-4 times the price here so if you have friends going to Japan, ask them to help you buy.

     My favourite flavour. 

    My aunt adds these seasonings to porridge to give to my little cousin~ So it's actually convenient if you've to cook for the little ones too~ =D

    I mixed 3 flavours together. Lol greedy~


    • 2nd Meal @ 1300: Brown rice w Japanese seasoning. I cooked enough porridge for 2 meals! Oh and I added 1 egg to the whole pot of porridge and beat it up just a minute before I switched off the stove. Makes the brown porridge nicer. =)
    • Snack @ 1700: Durian~~~!!!! 1 packet of protein-loaded goodness~ ^.^ (Read my durian post here)
    • 3rd Meal @ 2000: BBQ-ed chicken wings, satay, and fish. Because these were the only things served to me. Friend's birthday BBQ. You know what it's like right? When you're in the middle of a weight-loss programme and you get an invitation to a wedding dinner, birthday party, farewell party, homecoming, Grandma's birthday dinner... And this friend is heading overseas and will be there for quite some time for work. So it's a birthday, as well as a wish her 一路顺风 party. Okay la, not much carbs, except for the Pokka Green Tea which I drank a lot of.
    • Snack @ 2130: A small slice of birthday cake. I'm not really a fan of chocolates, sweets, brownies, muffins, cakes, and the like, so I'm really glad that slices of birthday cakes are usually 2-to-3-bites-sized, including the one I just had. And no, I don't like the cream on the cakes either, so those always gets scraped off. I think my own yoghurt gelato birthday cake this year by Venezia was one of the few cakes I actually love and will gladly lap up the WHOLE slice.
    • 4th Meal @ 2300: Bak Kut Teh soup with 2 small pieces of pork meat. No rice, no organs, no other liaos. I love soups! =)
    • Water: 1+1+1+1+1

    Exercise: -

    Shat? YES!!!!!!!!!!!! A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't care if you think I'm disgusting BECAUSE I'M JUST SO HAPPY I SHAT!!!!!!!!!!! At least I didn't go into details and get too graphic lor, like how the first piece was so huge and hard and dark-brownish, followed by the normal ones, then the final output being really soft and light-brownish. WAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! (The joys of shitting, only other constipated people can understand.) ^.^

    Anything Else: Slim Patch.

    Yes that's my tummy. With the Slim Patch stuck over my belly button. I'm really curious about this one. Cos it claims you don't have to do anything special except paste it over your belly button before yoiu sleep and remove it in the morning. No need to do alterations to your diet, or exercise, or anything. Of course this doesn't mean you keep eating like a pig if you already do la. Eat normally (and preferably healthily). We'll see if this works in a month. ;)

    P/S. Eh how ah? Should I try the stuff out one by one (meal replacements, fatmagnet pills, slim patch...)so I know which one is going to work best? Or should I use them concurrently for faster results?



    1. Silver,
      Dun overdo it by using all the slimming products at the same time. I'm not worried if they're not effective, wat I worry is they're effective and such slimming stuff at the same time might put strain on ur liver in purging the toxins (fats n watsnot) from ur body.

      As for the japanese seasonings, do limit ur intake per day as they contain artificial seasonings (i.e. MSG) and are high in sodium.. MSG might cause hairloss (esp so when u're on a diet) and sodium will cause water retention and higher blood pressure. U might wan to consider adding some fibre like veg to make u feel fuller instead of just rice and seasonings :)

      Hope tat helps! :D

    2. Where can I buy the slim patch?

    3. Carol>> I've allergic reactions to MSG. And will know if a product has high levels of them. So far the Japanese esasonings are safe. =) I didn't find vegetables at home so I just used what I had. But I'll take note regarding the concurrent use of all the products. =)

      Anon 1:02PM>> I bought them on ebay. =) You'll usually get them within 3 days.

    4. Allergic reactions? Like what? It's a blessing in disguise to react to MSG so tat u will know wat food/foodstall(s) to avoid.. U're like the SILVER (no puns intended) needle tat those people use in those drama serials to test if the food is poisoned.. LOL!!!

    5. Hi Silver, what is ur height? I believe u will look good if u shed some fats as u got pretty face :P

    6. i am oso slimming!
      lets jiayou!

    7. Carol>> I get a terrible numbing feeling which will spreasd over my skin and my face, and I'll suddenly feel very lethargic and's like the blood is numbed or something. =P Yah lor so me myself is a good indicator of MSG levels. Lol~

      Anon 10:40AM>> 1.61! Short hor! 53 kg and 1.61 is scary. I need to be 45kg la. Jeanette Aw's taller than me by a few cm and she's 43kg (too thin) so I'm aiming for 45~

      Anon 1:44PM>> Jiayou!!!

    8. hey silver, i tried the slimming patch before, developed allergy reaction to it. the place where i pasted the patched was red and itchy, left me with a squarish reddish mark for quite sometime. my bf called me teletubby cos of it. =( so do be careful and dont persist on if you feel any itchiness/discomfort ok!

    9. O___O Sliver you are not fat lehh . How come you need on diet ? o____o