Saturday, 18 September 2010

Weight-Loss Diary - Day 14

Woke @ 0200
Mad I know...but I was so freaking tired from the night before (I slept 1.5 hrs the previous day), I concussed upon reaching home (after showering). That's like, 9ish?  10? And the thing about me sleeping too early is I will wake at unearthly hours when other things wake up to roam too... (Owl???)

Too early and lazy to find

  • Snack @ 0400: 1/3 pack of the remaining chilli tapioca chips that were left over. Bad idea...tummyache 2 hours later...grrrr...
  • 1st Meal @ 0830: Cambridge Diet Meal Replacement (Lactose-free mushroom soup) 
  • Snack @ 1700: Bits and pieces of buffet provided at this event I was emcee-ing for at Raffles Hotel. (China Unicom Sg Ops Pte Ltd, if u're wondering...) And it includes a spoonful of oh-a-jian... (lol!!!! you know what it is when I spell it the way I do right???), 1 har gao, 1 risotto nugget, 1 beef-roll with asparagus and I-can't-remember-what, 1 mouthful of yuzu cheesecake, and a roll of peking duck bits...and I can't remember... Oh, and 1/2 glass of Orange Juice. Being Raffles Hotel, I thought maybe I might never get the chance to ever stay there, and since buffet IS provided for the guests and there were shitloads left over, I should try their food. What??? Gian-png a bit cannot ah??? RAFFLES HOTEL leh! You ate their food before? Hmmph~ *defensive*

Super credits to Keiko-san from Shunji for making my hair so nice!!!
I tell you ah, she's got magic Comb... ;)

 This was howthe back looks like. I've got no idea how she does it...the only thing I know is that there were a total of 13 pins on the right side of my head....

This was done by her as well.
For the Wawa profile shoot about 8 months ago. Nice hor?

  • 2nd Meal @ 1900: Founders Bak Kut Teh. I used to go there a lot (remember I'm a soup freak?). Oh if you go there, please order the 排骨, if you haven't already tried so. It's so much better than the other pork bits. Ended off with an aloe vera drink.
P/s. After the event I went Founders in my bike, and WAH LAN EH DAMN GAN PAINFUL LA!!!!!! Imagine 13 pins poking into your head~ (pls pardon my language...but you get the point...)


While queueing to get in...I decided to show you guys my hair even after wearing a helmet. Other than that lump at the back of my hed, everything else still looks nice...albeit a bit messy.

I think I've got a flat ah? Make my nose sharper? Jaw shorter????
Oh well...I'll concentrate on making my fats lesser first...

No 3rd meal. I fell asleep right after removing all my pins... I even forgot to remove my makeup....yucks... 

P/s. I woke at 0130 to remove it in the face couldn't breathe and there was mascara in my eye so I woke up. Guys won't understand this, but girls who have ever slept with their makeup on will know the kind of gao-wei-ness I'm talking about.

  • Water: 1+1 (I'm a camel with 2 front.....)
  • Ng-ng: I did~ So I'm in a great mood now...cos I feel lighter~~~

That Silver Girl

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  1. Flat face? You have a very pretty profile! Jealous!!!!!! My side profile induces vomit! haha