Friday, 17 September 2010

Weight-Loss Diary - Day 13

Nothing too exciting today. Was filming "Point of Entry" since 7am the whole day. And I had been so sleep-deprived and zombified I didn't remember to take any pictures. =(

The weather was freaking hot today (makes one EVEN more drowsy~) and it didn't help that we were filming at some coffeeshop in Gay-lang~ (Suddenly makes sense why geylang has so much activity going on..makes the men happy~). You know coffeeshops. Sit near the road and you'll get tanned just from the reflected UV.

Woke @ 0545 (Oh god...this is about the WORST part of what I enjoy doing...having to crawl out of bed...I only had 1.5 hours of sleep the night before - go read what time my last post went up. It's terrible, like your lead-heavy body's physically off the bed but the rest of your soul stays there.... (like some hantu show...except that their soul's wandering and their body stays there...that said, it should be easier for them cos they just leave the weight there...)

By the way I just woke up 2 hours ago. Had concussed at 9ish last night...and I finally feel human after some shut-eye.

1st Meal @ 0800: Egg & cheese sandwich. From the sandwich machine at the Mediacorp taxi stand. I had to grab something la, cos there won't be any break until lunch. I discovered there were tomato sauce AND chilli sauce inside leh. Weird. Why can't they just leave it as plain (egg and cheese already tasty what), without ANY of the 2, or at least have an option on the machine for us to choose ma. Kao...both also put...

2nd Meal @ 1200: Duck Rice. We were filming our morning scenes at Katong Shopping Centre, so we just ate there after the shoot. There was a FAMOUS (supposedly, cos I'm quite clueless abt these things) chicken rice stall with a super long queue, a zhap chye bng stall, and duck rice. I think duck rice is healthier than chicken rice? Ah wth~ whatever la! Oh, I had Oolong tea with my rice. Notice that when I eat, I hardly drink? Rare occasion leh!

3rd Meal @ 1900: Century Egg Tofu, Pork Dumpling (红油炒手), Sesame Oil Mee Sua from Xin Wang Taiwan (Bt Panjang Plaza). Okay I think I'm converted. This one's WAY MORE INTERESTING than the HK counterpart. Same company, but the menu items are very different!

We got so intrigued with the Century Egg Tofu that we ate it up before I could remember to take a photo. (Remember I was sleep-deprived?)

If you are a fan of 红油炒手(pronounced "hong you chao shou", for the benefit of our foreign readers), you should try this from XWTW. Unlike those I tried from HK-style restaurants,this one doesn't have the layer of chilli oil. And you can still taste the spicy and sour flavour. Sedap!!! (Sorry Muslim folks, this one's pork.)

The Sesame Oil Mee Sua. I needed something soupy to not feel like I'm clogging my arteries. Looks very plain? You should try the soup. It's the essence of this dish.

Why do I feel like other than Biking, Shopping, Face, Hair, Beauty, and the occasional feature write-ups, this blog is also becoming a food blog??? LOL!!! My blog is slowly becoming a magazine...

Silver Ang

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