Thursday, 16 September 2010

Weight-Loss Diary - Day 12

Day 12: Woke @ 0630

  • 1st Meal @ 0800: Chee Cheong Fun & Century Egg Porridge.

    • 2nd Meal @ 1400: Small snowskin mooncake. Really the small small kind....not the mao shan wang. And I found a white chocolate ball inside which I spat out. Lol. I don't like white chocolate la~ For those who's known me long enough, you know what type I like. ;)
    • Snack @ 2000: Lots of bubble tea. Bleah~ Doing a review...that's why... Will be up in a few days.
     I didn't finish ALL these la...sips from each cup...

      • 3rd Meal @ 2200: Duck Kway Teow. Which reminds me. I want to ask you guys, which is the healthier choice when you have a choice of
      1. Rice
      2. Noodle
      3. Kway (like kway chup that kway) pr
      4. Kway teow?
      Water: 1+1+LOTS OF BUBBLE TEA????!!! Does that count?

      Ng-ng? FINALLY! After 2 days!!!! Those poopies alone will make me 1 kg heavier man...

      Anything Else? Slim Patch

      Weight: 53kg. Because I haven't changed my diet drastically, that's why. I don't eat a lot. But I don't drink enough. And I hardly poop. Plus my wrist is preventing me from going for dance (perspiration breeds bacteria). Shall I start water-fasting?

      I'll let you guys take a look at my irritating arm...

      *cringe* Wah why look so chubby????
      Not just arm man...the face also!!!!

      You see ah, in pictures it looks smaller, because I don't know what TV does to you....
      UN-photoshopped hor. 
      (Okay Silver, we get it. UNphotoshopped cos you don't have the software. Done. Get over it.)

      Close up?

      I squished my arms towards my ribs, and this is how it looks. Not the fattest arm you see around, that's for sure, right? But when my colleagues are going to be people like Joanne and Jeanette and Rui'En, I figure if I can't be taller than them (Joanne and Rui'En are really tall), you'd better be thin so you look longer instead of short and fat beside them.

      Okay I feel vulnerable showing you guys this....later someone's gonna come scold me fat and ugly again....sian...

      Why TV must make people look fatter? WHY??? And which smart-ass invented widescreen huh??? KNNJDCYDDBT~!!!!

      Honestly, what does it take to be a size S? Or size 2? Or celebrity-approved size which, when amplified 130% of the original onscreen, looks 'just nice'. =.=



      1. I've been following your weight loss diary, well at least sort of, and looking at your pics here as well as on Stomp, I seriously dun think that you are fat. Or to put it another way, I dun think you need to lose any weight at all. Hope this makes you feel better.

      2. Teo>> It's sort of a personal goal I want to achieve. And if it'll help me look and feel better, why not? =) Thanks for your comment though. ^^

      3. hey michelle here=DD
        I've been following your diary too!!
        Regarding about your four options, i would say no yellow noodles! thats a nono. Rice try not to eat so much cause it contains alot of carb. I guess kuayteow is really oily!! Hence among the four , i think kway chap is the best? =DD

      4. Michelle>> Lol~ I don't really like yellow noodles so it's ok. Rice, yeah, that's CARB!!! Just wasn't sure abt kway teow or kway chup. Cos they look like they're made of the same stuff,cut differently...