Monday, 13 September 2010

Weight-Loss Diary - Day 10

I'm getting from bad to worse at remembering what I ate the day before....Then again, I doubt I'm the only one. One question: What did you eat yesterday? Reply at the comments box below...I want to see how many people remember and how many don'

Woke @ 1500
Yah....cos I slept at like 5am the night (morning?) before...blogging about MAF and editing photos. By editing photos I meant resizing, cropping, and watermarking. I don't know Photoshop. By now you should already know that. And no, I still don't have the software, in case you thought I downloaded or bought it.

  • 1st Meal @ 1630: Instant Noodles (Curry flavoured), by Smith and Jones. It's an Indian maggi mee. Bought from Mustafa. Lol~ Never try before ma...I forgot to take pictures of the pack that was cooked for me (yes someone cooked it for me...jealous not? ), but here are the rest of the packs...

Non-local flavours...or rather...Indian ones...

  • Snack @ 1900: A few nips of Chilli Tapioca Chips I got from the John Little Sale yesterday at Expo. + 2 mochi balls.
  • 1930: Drank a glass of Fybogel Orange. 
  • 2nd Meal @ 2200: BBQ Eel Congee + Golden Thai Bean Curd. From Xin Wang at Ion Orchard basement 2. Had gone shopping for heels cos I realized I don't have a working pair of black heels. My old ones had been broken and thrown away...long ago....
Water: 1+1+1+1 (When will I ever achieve 8 glasses...???)

Shat: I did! Haha! Might be due to the Fybogel...I can't be sure... But I shat, and that's all that matters~ =D
Okay I think I'm a bit gross cos I kept updating every day on whether I shat. But it IS an integral part of weight loss, right?


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