Friday, 3 September 2010

Weight-Loss Diary - Day 1

I woke up to be served Tau suan and Chee Cheong Fun~ Bliss~ Served on the bed with the Ikea breakfast tray. =D I'm glad it's not Prata or Cai Tao Guay or other high-fat-high-calories stuff. Every day I'm going to input my progress, what I ate, probably pictures, what I did for exercise, and stuff which is going to aid in this challenge. Of course I will still blog about stuff la~ This won't become a boring blog*horrors*, I won't allow it. =D

Woke up @ 1030hrs.

Water (For every glass I drank, I will +1): 1 (glass) +1+1+1 = 4 glasses
Breakfast @ 1045: Tao Suan (1/2 bowl) + Chee Cheong Fun
Snack @ 1300: 2 cherry tomatoes + 1 pear
Lunch @ 1730: Chicken rice w skin removed, 小白菜,冬瓜汤
Dinner: @ 0045: Egg sandwich (half) + 1 black plum

Exercise: 100 crunches

Shat? Nope.

Weight: 53kg.
How much more: 8kg.
Target Date: 25 December 2010

Nice Christmas present to myself, wouldn't that be? =D

Okay, when you put it in proper perspective, 8kg is really a lot of weight to lose. But let's just get started, no point thinking about how much work that is and never getting started just because the task seems daunting. I'm sure I will get there. I want to prove to people, and myself, that I can.

By the way, just to let you guys know what a typical day's meal is like for me, I have not really purposely done anything for my Day 1's meals. And in case you're criticising me on the water part, most days I drink AT MOST 1 glass. And it has been so for the past 7 years. So don't nag. I'm putting effort on the water already.

 Alton drinks more water than me. Since he was a puppy, Mummy always bo dai bo ji say "Alton, go drink water". Now he can empty a Tau-huay-bowl-ful of water in a night. He drank like half of this 1.5litre bottle today, and it's a didn't-drink-as-much-water day. He's only 10kg leh. If I drank as much as he does I'll have to drink 5litres????? That's 30 glasses of water!!! Alton, Mummy lose.

Oh btw, if you're curious where you can get this amazing water bowl (I got it cos I always forget to refill his water bowl which he empties very quickly), it's from Daiso. $2 only! Got green and pink~ =D

Back to me.

Don't worry, I don't believe in starving myself. I adopt the listen to your body's signals, eat when hungry and not when it's supposedly time to philosophy when it comes to eating at 'appropriate timings'. One more thing, going to edit the "breakfast, lunch, dinner' thingy and use instead "1st meal, 2nd meal, 3rd meal". Since I'm a night-productive person and sleeps at 4-5am most nights, the usual breakfast lunch dinner thing doesn't work for me. No point having dinner at 8pm then feeling hungry at 3am which is close to sleep time. I follow my own body clock, which is going to make more sense.

I added the part on shitting. Because someone told me shitting is an integral part of losing weight. Makes sense. Food goes in = weight goes in. Shit = weight comes out, toxins come out, unwanted stuff comes out. I've this problem with constipation. I go like, once every 4 days. Scary right? I know, it's amazing my skin is still in good condition.

And one last thing. Don't judge me here. I'm not here to ask for opinions and have pessimists and cynics 泼冷水 on me, but to show you guys how I will be doing it. Unless you have some experience to share, then you're most welcome to do so.

I didn't manage to take any pictures today. Just back from filming "Love in a Cab". I play Joanne Peh's sister in the show~ =)

Chubby Silver


  1. Good, i am joining u, i just want to lost 9 kg nia.... 9 kg nia...

  2. tao suan IS calorie loaded. One piece of prata maybe even better

  3. hello, not trying to criticise anything here...but you just ate breakfast for the whole day? I read a lot of articles before that you should eat regularly, instead of starving yourself, cos your body will go on starvation mode and you will gain back your fats more easily once you start eating normally again. :)

  4. Liam>> 9kg nia...togethergether k? What's your weight now?

    Anon 7:25pm>> Really ah? Dunno man, I never believed in the tedious job of counting calories. Wasn't how I lost my 10kg la, and definitely wasn't how I slimmed down after Project Superstar. But thanks for letting me know. Then again ah, people buy breakfast for me I very happy already lor, plus not very nice to hiam ma... Lol~ I'm easy to please. =)

    CC>> No la! I don't sit at home whole day to update my meals one what!!! =P

  5. Go buy the American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide ( I lost 10kg and stayed that way through good nutrition and no dieting... SERIOUSLY. You won't wanna be 40++ and kidney failure or something..

  6. Anon 12:43PM>> You know, I'm someone who don't really like chocolates, cakes, muffins, sweet stuff, nor deep fried anythings. I don't even like meat. I prefer seafood to them. I've been this way for years, and I supppose this was what helped me lose the weight I gained during PSS period (5kg). Then honestly, I've been stuck at 53kg since. I'm not looking to diet, but I'm looking for something that will force-kick the weight loss to keep going...