Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Review: 茶殿

I'm sure many of you needs no introduction to SweetTalk. For the past (is it 10) years, SweetTalk has accompanied us through many after-school or shopping-centre-hanging-out days. They now have a new subsidiary - Tea Empire! AKA茶殿!!!

 What's different is this...

For the health, weight and diet-conscious, you now can choose how healthy you want your drink to be!!! 

I had to jeopardize my diet because I had to try a dozen drinks in different sugar levels, for you! 
Be grateful ah~~~~

These are the drinks which you can choose your sugar levels!!!
 There's quite a number of new drinks which only Tea Empire carries.
And they now come in 2 sizes - 500ml and 700ml! 

And check this out:

There's the M&M and Oreo series of drinks, Smoothies, and Lime Shakes (for those of us who like sour stuff~ hooray!)!! And they're really cheap, for such a big cup (700mls), anywhere else would probably set you back $6 at least.

I'm usually a Pearl Milk Red Tea person. Go to any bubble tea store, and that's what I would order. That's the me that refuses to deviate too far from tradition with regards to my taste. This very fateful day, I opened my tastebuds to the many different flavours 茶殿 has to offer...

Oreo and M&M with ice-cream.
Contents: Condense milk, ice-cream, oreo, M&Ms.

Strawberry Tango

Mango Smoothie.
Contents: Ice-cream, Mango, Ice
You can choose whether or not to have pearls so I'll just leave out the pearls in my content list.

Blue Fantasy Soda Freeze.
Contents: 1883 Sirop Syrup, Sprite, Rainbow Jelly, Ice

Fresh Mango with pomelo: Pure mango juice, Ice, Pomelo fruit
This one's really nice. Especially when you chew on those QQballs.... 2 thumbs up!
Those above are the recommended Teenagers' favourites. Simply because many teenagers love sweet stuff, and those above are generally sweeter...
Teenagers like this:
Okay kidding. Yongwei is trying to do a supermodel pose while waiting for the rest of the drinks to be prepared....


Now, the choice drinks for the adults, especially the ladies who are diet-conscious... After the pictures above, it makes us even more diet-conscious....lol~


Fresh passionfruit Black Tea.
You'll get taste the sourish fresh passionfruit. And black tea, as you know, can taste slightly bitter without sugar. But that's how I like it. =)

Perilla Honey Green Tea: Reduces cancer risk, a beauty cultivating drink.
This one's also non-sweet. But like I said, you can always choose how sweet you want your drink to be, as long as they're in this list...

 Remember how we used to call these tadpole eggs when we were younger???

Grass Jelly Milk Tea: Homemade grass jelly, milk tea
I kinda like this one too. 

 So many drinks!!!! And the auntie is still preparing more!!! God save my tummy and my fat arms...

 What happens when we can't finish the drinks???

We DAAAA!!!!!!!!!

Yongwei's trying to grab my attention again...sigh....

So I decided to have some fun with his specs, which the auntie said suits him so much...


Wah sibeh fugly~~~

随讲哦fugly吓???*auntie腔* Pa jiao 我还四美的hor!!!

茶殿 Tea Empire is located at 
  • K21 Bugis Junction Basement 1, &
  • #01-18 Blk 475 Choa Chu Kang Ave 3, Sunshine Place

Okay one thing you gotta note: You won't be able to find any Tea Empire logos other than on their posters, so do look out for Sweettalk's signboard.

Special promotion for my readers! 
Simply say "I Love Tea Empire" before ordering and mention you're Silver's blog reader to get 50cents off your already very cheap drink! Good eh??? I know you love me, so I'm nice to you too~ =D

Promotion's valid from 22nd September 2010 to 29th September 2010.



  1. nice photo shot & help sweet talk to advertise. saw ur scene at 走 进 走 出 well shot

  2. Very good publicity ^^ So lucky for them to have you advertise for them :D But it looks really nice! Wish to have one now.