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Review: i-One treatment at Allure

I'm a heavily freckled girl. I am. If you looked closely at my pictures without makeup, you will notice that. I go for IPL sessions once every year or 2, just to get rid of the freckles. It's a genetic issue la, in case you think I'm someone who don't take care of my skin and don't use sunblock. I do okay, obsessively. SPF50. No less. EVERY DAY. And ever since I started riding, I'm even more cautious. Because I know the sun can MAGICALLY make freckles appear. I remembered weekends on Sentosa beaches during my poly days. I used to hang out there with my students' union mates, not to suntan la, but more of they ask, so I join kinda thing. Ask them and they'll tell you I shun the sun like anything... After each session I would ALWAYS return home with a few more freckles. Literally.

So I was very glad when Allure (you know the ladies who did my eyebrow embroidery? Them.) asked me to do a review on their i-One treatment. It's something like the IPL, only better. The i-One combines the technologies of Bi-Polar Radio Frequency (the famous RF you may have heard about. Some salons use RF for their slimming and firming treatments), IPL (intense-pulsed light), and Skin Contact Cooling. Sounds very technical? Okay, let me break this down into what i-One can do for you:

  1. Even out your skin tone
  2. Banish toxin from your skin. IPL + RF combined equals high potency which kills acne bacillus (the acne bacteria)
  3. RF stimulates and restructures collagen production inside your skin cells. This will result in increased elasticity level and skin radiance.
Sounds good enough? Okay, let's see what it did for MY skin...

Okay, before I officially begin, I need to clarify this : None of the photos were photoshopped. Raw pictures as they were, only things edited were perhaps the exposure of the pictures (cos some of the pictures were too dark), nothing else. Raw, unedited photos. Here we go.....

Day 1: Makeup-less. Freckle-ful.

Want a close up?

I feel vulnerable showing you this... stray eyebrows grow out never pluck somemore, then picture put so big. Later people come spam my tagboard say I fat and ugly again how? 
You guys better love me for this...*braces myself*

I got moustache leh!!! Saw or not? I remember being told by different people that only pretty girls have moustaches. I know I don't need more affirmation. I'm just sharing~ =)

The above pictures were taken before I begun my treatment.

They started off by cleansing my face. This is followed by a very very shiok intensive massage of my face, neck and shoulders. Then they put a hydrating and collagen mask to pamper my face. 

This is still without any trace of makeup. If you think it looks radiant already, it has to be the mask taking effect.

Then they will apply anaesthetic cream on the problem areas. I gotta warn you, the i-One treatment will hurt a bit. I'll be lying my ass off if I say it's painless. But the pain's bearable. Just scream if it becomes too ouch for you, and they'll bring down the intensity.

My sincere apologies on the quality of this picture. This was taken immediately after the treatment's done.

See the black spots? Those are my freckles. Wait. Those WERE my freckles!!! The thing about this i-One treatment is that it forces the freckles to 'surface out', thus appearing very dark, and it'll seem like your condition has worsened. Don't worry, it hasn't. It's just that your dark spots 浮出来. =D

Before                                            After

The before picture got ang geh ang geh on my cheek because I rode under hot weather to Tiong Bahru... Hot so flushed lor~ Lol~

Day 3: The freckles have started to surface out more. So it looks like I'm very very freckly. Lol. Quite cute leh, can be ang-mor-freckly for a week~

My right cheek

太神奇了!!! When I touch my skin, I can feel some of the freckles! Like small scabs, a bit rough rough~

The left side

See that small dark spot on my nose? Like a mole~ That's a freckle too.


 At the same time 又觉得很可爱哦。

Day 5:

As compared to day 3, you will notice that a lot of the freckles have already come off.

Day 3                                   Day 5

Forgot to take a picture of the other cheek. Most of it had come off on the left cheek. Except those close to the eye area, which I didn't do this time round. They said they'll do the eye area for me next time, cos that one's more challenging.

1 week later, and beyond~~~
(I dyed my hair again, in case you're wondering why the hair colour's so different~)

Wah seh!!!! Chio bo????

NO MAKE UP!!!!!!!!! WOOHOOOO~~~!!!!!!!
*runs around the house screaming in joy~*

The left cheek. Those which had surfaced earlier had dropped off. The rest are stubborn freckles which will take a 2nd (hopefully enough already) or 3rd session to remove.

Clockwise: Day 1, Day 3, Now. See the difference???

I'm sold!!!!

The ladies from Allure told me each session lasts for a week and it is recommended to have i-One facial treatment for at least 5-8 weeks to achieve the BEST results. Imagine, 1 session already made such a difference, I shudder to think how perfect my skin will look after FIVE sessions, much less 8!!!!

But they also understand that each person's skin is different, and we have different levels in terms of pocket depth, so really, it's up to you to decide how many treatments you need, or want. 

Each treatment costs $480, and it includes the a cleansing facial, a facial, neck and shoulder massage, the hydration and collagen mask, and the i-One actual treatment. It's not cheap, but it GUARANTEES you results in one session. I'm a living proof.

The i-One is suitable for all skin types and ages, however, it is not recommended for people with heart diseases, severe skin problems (getting it treated first should be your main priority), and people who have metallic devices implanted in their bodies.

As the recovery period takes about a week, you need to ensure that during this period, your vulnerable skin is well taken care of. There are a few things you should take note of during the downtime to ensure a nice recovery. 要漂亮就照做~
  •  For the week, abstain from spicy food, seafood, food which contains colouring and alcohol.
  • Avoid using strong skin care products within the next 3 days.
  • Use organic skin care products for a week if possible.
  • Wear sunscreen with at least SPF 15.
  • Bathe in cold water within the next 10 days and avoid steam bath and sauna. Bathing in cold water actually makes your hair nicer you know? =) But if you really really cannot take cold water, use warm water instead of the hot HOT steamy kind of water. Avoid steam bath and sauna.


Allure Beauty Saloon is located at:
  • Tiong Bahru Plaza (Just outside Tiong Bahru MRT Stn), 302 Tiong Bahru Road, #05-04A. Tel: 6270 8845
  • City Vibe (Beside Clementi MRT Stn), 3151 Commonwealth Ave West, #02-04A. Tel: 6779 2242

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