Thursday, 9 September 2010

Prince Alton Turns 5 Tomorrow!!!!

My precious will be having his 5th HAPPY birthday tomorrow!!!

Have already bought him a Fuzzyard Donut Bed. It's sooooooo soft, velvety and comfy that I want one for myself too!!! (Maybe can sit on it while he's somewhere else...hiak hiak~)

  I had a hard time choosing between the black/gray one(HUGO) and the chocolate/caramel (LATTE) one. 
 And finally decided on the HUGO. Now that my room reno's done, I think I should've gone for the LATTE. But oh well, the black one looks classy too la~ The filling ah~ It's soooo feather soft I dunno how to put it in words (Aiyah 词穷就讲词穷啦~~~=P)
 There were actually a lot more designs..
 Mademoiselle (left) and Monsieur (right)
Got a lot more designs la, but this is my pick. Yup it's reversible, and the material's same on both sides. So you choose how you like it~ (p/s if your dog's black then put it like this picture la~) Oh, and it's FULLY machine washable too, so if it gets stinky, just throw it into the washing machine! Easy gao dim~!

I bought this online, from at $115.90, but I found out later that is selling it at $105.90. Kns, $10 bucks cheaper can!!!!?? Wah lao~ heart pain~ Both of them do free delivery for purchases above $55 (petsgourmet) and $60 (doggyfriend). Damn...oh well, now you know~ So thank me yeah? There's another website, who says they are the exclusive distributor, but I can't find their pricing on the site. 
Oh the bed comes in 3 sizes, for those who are curious and keen.
SML 45 x 65cm
MED 65cm x 74cm
LGE 75cm x 80cm

Anyways, Alton now has a bed! His last one was when he was 2 leh...3 years don't have a bed of his own...haiyo...sorry darling~

Look here~

Nice one Alton!

Wah! Chio! Confirm my dog! Same as me~ Lol...
He's a local Champion CKC by the way, having earned his title 3 years ago participating in the Singapore Kennel Club dogshows. Gao lor Alton! *pats*
So if you guys need a stud dog for good quality breeding, drop me an email yeah? =D

Enough already mummy...

Okok...Mummy loves you k? 

I love Mummy too~!


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