Tuesday, 21 September 2010

My Wound Is Recovering Nicely!!!

Wah my previous post generated so many "I Like"s leh! I like!!!! Lol!!!! My manager got so worked up about the whole affair, he called me all the way from Malaysia regarding the "负面新闻" lor... =(

Anyway, I know I haven't updated my diets here for the past 3 days. So I'm going to update it today.

P/s. I'm going to restart the whole weight-loss thing cos of my serious lack of discipline the past 2 weeks...Why I like that???? WHY???? WHY?????? FAT ALL MY LIFE ALSO ORBI-QUEK LOR!!! Cannot cannot...cannot 自暴自弃, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again.....

At least you get an idea of what I usually eat. And that I DON'T overeat. My wounds are healing well...so I can start dancing soon!!!!! YES!!!!

As of last night. Healing beautifully~~~ The one on the left is almost scar-less! The one on the right is still trying to grow new skin cos it's a deeper wound.

Compare it to the 9th September, when the wound was fresh.

I learnt from google, that the skin drying rapidly to prevent bacteria entering the wound (thus scabs) was the cause of scar formation. And that to prevent scars, you have to keep the wound moist and clean at all times, until new skin grew, usually within 10days to 2 weeks. So these past 10 days I have been obsessed with applying gao gao antiseptic cream over the wound before wrapping it up. 

And I discovered this new type of dressing:

It doesn't have any gauze pads (cos gauze pads dry up the wound!), and what you do is to just stick the dressing directly over the wound, and you can leave it there until the wound has healed. Of course, if it comes loose you just change a new one.

Clear transparent dressing. You can see how the wound is healing this way. It is waterproof as well so you don't have to worry about your wounds getting wet when you shower. I've learnt that it doesn't matter when your wound gets wet anyway. After shower, just cleanse it with antiseptic lotion, followed by antiseptic cream after, wrap it up, and you're good again. =D

Now you know ah, those Ah ma tales of "must keep it dry" is invalid if you want your wound to heal without scarring! Google it if u still don't believe me!

Day 15: 

Woke @ 0700 (I tell you...it sucks to wake up so early)

1st Meal @ 1130: Pontian Wanton Mee! From Pontian Cafe. I still prefer the one at Far East Plaza (and the many branches it has expanded to).

Snack @ 1700: Macadamia Nuts

2nd Meal @ 1845: Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun from Old Town White Coffee. I just love this!!!!!!! So much that I forgot to take picture, and ate it all up before I could. Not too gao soup, with nice texture hor fun, and the right level of spiciness taken to the next level when I pour the dish of chilli padis in. Woot!!! Must try when you visit Old Town. YUM!!!! Old Town's from Malaysia, but Mark Lee brought it in. 国煌大哥 I love you!!!!

I can't remember whether I ng-nged or how much water I drank. Chances are I didn't ng-ng...

Day 16:

Woke @ 1045

Today is BAO day~!!! Bring-Alton-Out day!!!!

Alton loves car rides!!!

We went to Ericsson Pet Farm's dog run, and we met a female CKC there!

He was coughing his lungs out there, and coughing out loads of white phlegm which scared me to death,  because his stamina can't take running around too much, but he was happy that day~ =D
Gotta schedule a check-up for him soon...

1st Meal @ 1200: Dry BBQ Chicken Wanton Mee from Old Town. Aiyah...I still prefer the Far East one la...this one's a new addition in the Old Town menu, so I tried lor... pfft. Serving size - fail...too little...Noodle texture? When you've eaten 苯珍面, all other forms of wanton noodles pale in comparison...

2nd Meal @ 1830: Home-cooked fried rice. I call it fried rice la...but I'm not really sure what rice it is. People cook for me I eat la! =P This is called 礼貌 okay.

Looks like couscous here... I didn't finish the lap qiong. Cos I don't like lap qiong. But everything else is happily lapped up!

Snack @ 0200: Mochi. Loads of mochi. Okay la not loads. Think maybe 5-6? Then I felt like one myself, so I stopped.

I came across 2 flavours which got me confused. Taro and Yam. Not the same meh? I always thought the Taro pie at Old Chang Kee means Yam pie... -.-

Okay I'll update what I ate yesterday in a separate post. Too much content in one post makes the post very no 主题.



  1. Your dog is so adorable :) but hope he's okay.

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