Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Legend of the Fist - The Return of Chen Zhen

Really, if there's one person I would really watch to fight, it would be Donnie Yen. Because out of all the other fighter actors (Jacky Chan, Jet Li, Sammi Hung), he's THE eye candy. Because honestly, action movies make me giddy, which is why I hardly watch them. Chick flicks and deeper movies are more my thing. What? Who says an intellectual cannot sometimes be bimbo too? It's a matter of choice okay? Like a "Who do I want to be today thing?". More on that another post.

So anyway, as I was saying, the reason why I would watch an action show has to be either
  1. Eye candy
  2. I know the director/actor/whoever involved in the production
  3. I'm in it (not that I've ever been in one. Yet.)
  4. Any of my fave stars are in it. 
  5. The whole world says it's so good that I just have to go check it out myself, just to see if it's as good as people say it is, or is it just hype.
So thanks to Omy, I got to watch an eye candy on an action show - Legend of the Fist - The Return of Chen Zhen.

That's Donnie Yen's silhouette, by the way...
Yeah...check THAT body out~
Obviously, Donnie plays Chen Zhen, the Chinese war hero...

    How do you resist a man like that? Especially if he fights the way he does? To be really amazed by Donnie's fighting, you HAVE to watch the show, even it's (another) war show about the Chinese resistance.

    FYI: Donnie's been fighting in his shows since as early as 1989. He really knows his kungfu, and is very passionate about it. In Legend of the Fist, he's the action director for the show.

    Don't play play...he can kick his own head one okay....

    In LOTF, You'll see plenty of gravity-defying kicks and stunts that may put even Bruce Lee to shame.

    Watch the trailer to get what I mean...

    Saw all his stunts???

    If there's one thing I admire about a man, it's that he's great at what he is. (Girls? Agree with me on that?) And Donnie Yen is great at his martial arts. So weee~ooo~weeeet!!!!

    Too bad for me (and Qiuting, who delusionally claims Donnie is her bf), Donnie Yen is happily married...

    That's him with his lovely leggy wife, Cecilia.
    Qiuting...I know you have beautiful legs as well, so you just might land yourself a local version...

    If I knew photoshop, I would put my face over Cecilia's....

    Okay hem...*smoothes clothes* *wipes drool*
     Must 保持形象.

    Those are his 2 kids! You didn't know he was happily married with 2 kids right? Sorry to burst your bubble girls!

    I will still drool at his kungfu....

    A lot of people are doing this 造型 hor? Think Jay Chou coming out with a new movie, also dressed like that right? But of course, in the area of martial arts, like your concentrate on impressing me with your music okay? Leave the fighting to Don Don. =D

    It is after all, an action movie, a WAR film at that, something which really doesn't turn me on. And if not for Donnie, the show probably wouldn't be half as good. Great casting. And oh, you have another eye candy - Shu Qi, in the show. So there's something for the guys to ogle at too...

    She's very hardworking leh...she acted in 45 movies in just 6 years! How I wish I'm born in Hong not so much movies to make leh...How? 

    Visit their official website here.

    Oh by the way! Donnie rides a bike too! ;)

    Silver Ang


    1. Sad to say this movie is a bit kua zhang , not as nice as Ip man.

    2. I like donnie too. I find that his kung fu much much better than any action stars.

    3. he even plays the piano! :)