Sunday, 12 September 2010

Hwachong MAF 2010 & Weight-Loss Diary - Day 9

I'm going to quickly get the depressing stuff over and done with. So I can focus on the fun stuff at the back....

Woke @ 0900

  • 1st Meal @ 1000: Naan with Indian Vegetarian Curry 
  • 2nd Meal @ 1500: Chicken Rice...I should start bringing my meal replacements out...It's frustrating to see the kinda food I have to write down at the end of the day. Not to mention depressing...
  • Snack @ 1845: Original Orange Julius. Small.
  • 3rd Meal @ 2200: Quarter Pounder Burger. With a few picks of fries, and green tea. 

Water: 1+1+1+1

Shat: Yup! One time!

Exercise: Dancing~ I was at Hwachong's Mid Autumn Festival Celebration, and I worked up a sweat just manouveuring the crowd... Plus we always end the celebration with a session of 5 mass dances. Great and fun way to burn calories!!! And I could keep my wound away from the floor (cos dance classes usually involve some floorwork which I think ups the risk of contamination for my wound).

Okay, HWACHONG MAF 2010~!!!! I didn't really plan to go. I mean, I kept 11September locked in my head that it's MAF, but I didn't make plans with anyone until at around 5pm today, when I msged Junhao if he's going (it's a ploy to ask him to go, but just ask if he's going sounds more casual~ hahhaa~). He had forgotten about it, and I was glad when Huiyu (his gf) decided to come with us (cos they had already made plans for a date. Sorry!!!! =P) This is the second year running that I'm back...after not attended MAF for so long...(the last time was shortly after I left HC, and it was with someone else...)

All these decorations, every year, were done by the students themselves. Including MAKING the lanterns...


We've been 'together' for 13 years!!!
P/s. That's since primary school!!!!!


My Nanyang dance juniors! I miss dancing with you guys!
We were dancers in Nanyang Girls' High Dance Society, and back then, because NY Dance was one of the top in Singapore (and still is), we spent A LOT of time training together. Man...I really really miss being part of a dance group. Attending dance classes is different, anyone can join in anytime, and choreography is not continuous for like 2 months. When you're with a group, you learn the FULL dance (not just 4 counts of 8) and you can perform. I wanna be a dancer again~~~~

It was really really hot and humid, and the next segment of the celebration is Mass Singing and Mass Dance!!! I came up with a brilliant idea that will cool me down, allow me to dance without feeling like I'm in a sauna, as well as make me feel young again~

WHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!! I bought this!!! How come Nanyang didn't have this? I Love NY is already easily available what!

This is a song that ALL hwachongians, past and present, will know how to sing. =)
Even if you're there for a few months.
We have this saying in Hwachong: Once a Hwachongian, Always a Hwachongian.

MAF is a time when students and alumni return to gather. It makes me smile when I go to MAF and I see other alumni from MY batch. =D Amidst all these people from so many batches since dunno-when, what are the chances?

My camera battery died before the highlight of the night - Mass Dance. I'll try to source around for pics and update here once I can!

I left Hwachong halfway to join Singapore Poly, and it was purely for ambition's sake. I didn't want to spend 2 years of JC + 4 years of uni just to get a paper when all I wanted to do had nothing to do with a paper. 3 years to get a decently good paper, then I could pursue what I wanted. Which I did, and I'm still climbing upwards. Even though I left HC, I will always see myself as an alumni. =D With the memories I had there (I won't share what and leave you guys guessing), how could I not?



  1. WOOHOO!

    hey silver!

    i'm a HC student too (current student)! and i performed yesterday for MAF! anyway, you mentioned that you loved dance, so did you watch the dancers' performance yesterday? :D

  2. I was just in time for the Chinese Dance! But I only got to watch from mid-dance onwards. =D

  3. there's one for ny what?! although It would be the same.. lol NEW YORK!