Sunday, 26 September 2010

Happy Birthday Julie!!!

My师妹from Wawa turned 18 on the 22nd!!!

Happy Birthday Julie!!!
 She cut her hair short! Damn nice la! Because she's got the height, so super got the feel~ Woot!!! I like!

 For those of you who don't know Julie, you may have caught her in the recent 泳闯琴关 with Felicia Chin. Yup that's her on the far right! 

 Or as Meixin's sister in The Illusionist earlier this year.

And now she's chopped off her long hair! NICE LA!!!

 I have NOOOO idea what that thing behind me at my waist was supposed to be Lawrence's hand...but it looked....weird.....

I was uber happy to see someone there~~~ 

Guess who???
Guess la....I blogged about this person before one....

(Don't come after me. I DON'T DO photoshop, plus I think this is a very candid cute picture of you which will NOT turn your fans against you, so chill bro~~ *wink*)

P/s. I purposely added a NICE picture of you atthe top of the post, see how nice I am to you? 

Because we didn't know each other was going, so it turned out to be a very pleasant surprise for both of us!!! Aiyah you dunno one la...attend function...then you only know people from your company...then suddenly you see a really good friend unexpectedly...Wah that kind of feeling hor.... Happy.

 The girl who's also known as "Admin", and who helps me edit and upload the videos on my fanpage! 
Thanks JS!

The pretty flower that just blossomed. Many more pretty years to come!

Okay okay...I'll update...

Wednesday Diet (22Sep2010)

Notice I stopped counting the days. Realised that unless I stick to a plan, counting the days seem pointless. So I'll most probably start doing so when I start replacing all my meals when I'm back from Penang on the 5thOct. Yes I'm going to Penang!!! More on that later!
  • 1st Meal @ 1415: Sakae Sushi. At Lot 1. They seem to have improved their menu wor...worth taking a look. Got a lot more nice stuff now... Must try the Lobster Tofu was damn good....
  • Milo @ 1700
  • Snack @ 2000: Small bites at Julie's birthday...I don't know how to describe the food, except they were served by waitress walking around asking if you would like a piece...that kind...all bite-sized. And a mouthful of her cake. Lol. Not a cake-y person la....esp if it's the gao gao kind with sponge cake in between the layers...
  • 2nd Meal @ 2330: Teochew Porridge!!!!!!!! With 梅菜, salted egg, and a fishcake which I didn't like (didn't know it would taste like that they had no more steamed egg which happens to be my must-have whenever I eat Teochew Porridge...sian....)

Oh oh!!! Realised I haven't shown you Alton in his super comfy doughnut bed!

 Fits his curve nicely!!! Lol!!!!!!! 


The picture was takan days ago, and he's now in the exact same position, rolled up in exactly the same way....aiyooo~~~~cute 到~~~~~



  1. p/s. I purposely added a NICE picture of you atthe top of the post, see how nice I am to you?

    At the top got 伟烈 photo meh? :O

  2. thanks girl.. at least got context.. what could be worse than those from the hospital

  3. Joyce>> Got. The one with Julie.

    jerryyeo>> The hospital ones were nice what...esp the ones with u on crutches~~!!!