Monday, 27 September 2010

Fei Fei Wanton Mee, & the Slim Patches

I'm on a wanton mee!!!

Friday, 24Sep2010

1st Meal @ 1400: Japanese Food. At Ichiban. Salmon Teriyaki with rice, Agedashi Tofu, and 1slice of Orange.

Snack: Jelly Mooncake - 1/2

2nd Meal @ 0145: FEI FEI WANTON MEE at Joo Chiat Place!!!

 Decievingly bland...with loads of chilli. I had both chilli and ketchup.

 All the liaos are underneath!

This is good, with the noodles being very Q. 
Though I think I prefer yesterday's wanton mee at JB. Different kinds of noodles, different styles, so can't really compare la. But both are good. =D

I received the slim patch I ordered from Mingo, who claimed hers is the original one as compared to the others who were selling it cheaper. Hers were priced at $17.90 for 10pc while the rest are $11.90 or even cheaper.

I can't tell the difference in the packaging. I was trying to see if the 'non-original' had a more faded print. Same leh....In fact, it's the mingo one with lighter ink colours.

The difference lies in what's inside...
This is the supposed 'non-original':

And this is the one from Mingo (mingo is the seller name on ebay):

The texture is thicker, it's easier to peel off the plastic backing, and the patch feels like a koyok. 

See the difference?

Now what puzzles me is this...

Notice one says Slim Patch and the other "Sharpe Slim Patch"? And the "CAFFEINE 新配合"?
The one on the bottom is mingo's. Does it mean mingo is selling the newer one with improved formula that's why it's different? Beats me. Upon closer inspection of the package, I noticed that the telephone numbers printed belong to 2 different countries. -.-"

 The scratched area with a lot of numbers is where you can scratch off to reveal a string of numbers used to verify if your product is authentic when you call the numbers stated.

How? Which is authentic? I would go for the thicker one. It claims to be authentic while the rest of the others have no such claim. Even if all of them were authentic, I suppose the thicker one is an improved formula. Why use an inferior formula? Then again, it's up to you. I'm merely providing an observation comparison. =)
Oh, just for fun, I ordered from this guy selling 100 pcs for $20.89. A China seller. The one by mingo, if it's $17.90 for 10 pcs, would mean each piece costs $1.79. This 100-pc-pack??? $0.20 per pc??? The difference is so big it sparked off my curiosity...

The guy did mention in his page that if it came direct from the manufacturer, it may be delivered in non-retail packaging.

Thinner than mingo's, thicker than the first ones I bought.

See how thin the first batch I bought are? 
The 100pc ones were easier to peel off from the plastic backing. 
Here's the China seller's link.

Here's mingo's. If you can't find it search for 'diet slimming patch'. You should then see it. Which one works? I'm restarting the use of them properly, starting with Mingo's. They say results take about a month. Pls pray I remember to use them EVERY NIGHT.



  1. Hope that the slimming patch works for you ya. But anyway, you are already thin enough I would say XD No need to use a slim patch also la :D

  2. hmm, so did it work ???