Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Eve Bar, Mint, and Weight-Loss Diary - Day 10

Woke @ 1200

1st Meal @ 1630: Mee Siam @ Toast Box, 1 pc Kaya Toast, Tea

2nd Meal @ 2130: Grilled Fish. with a spoonful of baked beans, 5-6pcs of fries, and 2 spoonfuls of coleslaw. Yah it's a standard western meal serving.

Snack @ 0200: Chilli Tapioca Chips. NOT the whole packet. Not even half a packet. Just picking and biting...

Water: 1+1+1+1+1 (Lost super a lot of water because someone made me cry today...It's a friend I remember fondly from years ago...So it makes sense to drink slightly a bit more too...)

Ng-Ng: Someone told me I totally spoilt their appetite using the word 'shat'. So I'll replace it with ng-ng. Lol. Nope nothing today. Sad~

Went to All About Eve Bar at 144 Arab Street. Mint's singing there on Monday nights, so being a good Jie, I had decided to go down specifically to support her.  =)

Me trying not to look too emo... lol

That's Mint and her guitarist!!!

Enjoying~ I love singing myself, but at the same time I enjoy chilling and listening to nice music. 
And I'm thinking "After she sings, this place is open for karaoke~ Then I can start~~wahahahaha"
No la I wasn't thinking. You really think I so gian singing in ktv halls meh? I very shy one lor...sing in ktv rooms I'm more than pleased to. Halls? Erm....*hide one corner*. Then when asked to sing? Need to 掏出 all my courage to pretend I don't mind singing in ktv halls.

“情...” 我等你你等我... “难...” 等来等去 somemore...“了~~~~”
WAHAHAHAHA!!! Hilarious!!!

Kena 'invited' to sing with Mint. Aiyoh I merely went to support nia leh...Wasn't really rehearsed.

Point to self: Always be prepared to sing. In other words, keep practising or you will lao kui should the time come for you to perform....

That Silver Girl


  1. I can listen to your voice over and over again! :)

  2. Awww girls...really thank you for the encouraging words. I'm not the best out there (I know it okay, I do~), but having you girls around make me so want to improve on my singing further! Thanks loves!