Friday, 3 September 2010

A Challenge to Myself, Proclaimed to All

So many people have asked me how I've lost weight that I feel I must post something about it. You see, I was like, fattest at 65kg back in Primary 6 or Sec 1. (That's at the age of 12 and 13, for those who don't understand Singapore's school system.) Then after intensive dance training at my then CCA, I became 55 kg when I was Sec 2 or Sec 3. Somehow. THEN thanks to Mummy who helped me get Duromin pills from a doctor, I lost weight to become 51kg. 2kg can REALLY make a person look slim. Pictures up tmr if I can find them okay? Then there were a lotta other stuff which I will go into details later la.

Think when people saw me on TV, I was fat again. Actually I was 53kg when I first joined the competition. But by the semi-finals, I had ballooned to 58kg due to irregular eating and sleeping hours then, plus there were plenty of socialising with the rest of the Superstars, BBQs, dinners, suppers, you name it. (Suddenly reminded of Jeanette's Reduze ad - 如果你吃这个也胖,吃那个也胖,不吃都胖...) I gain weight VERY easily. Think many of you are curious how I actually lost the weight since then. I will blog about this very soon, I promise.

Now, the purpose of this post today is to just yell out that I am on another weight loss journey. This time more challenging in the sense that it's going to change how I look. See, I have NEVER hit the forties (weight la!!) since I was And I want to challenge myself to reach there.
I have been 53kg (yes, 53kg, eeeks!!!) for the past 5 years, occasionally gaining or losing 1 or 2kg. I want to get BELOW the 50 mark. Been telling that to myself for years but just didn't get round to actually putting work into doing it. Now, and I mean NOW, I am going to tell you guys that I am going to work towards being 45kg. Maybe 47. As you know, I'm in showbiz, and honestly, I'm really curious how being really slim can steer my career.

So I'm starting a weight-loss diary, and you guys can follow and see what I will be doing to lose the fats left on me. Doctors have said if you sit down and you can pinch the roll of fats, those are in excess, and TRUST ME, I have good handful roll of them. Pictures of my current state will be up tomorrow. Unedited. Then you can see why I keep having this fat concern. Of course, all pretty images of me have a high chance of being destroyed in your head, but hey, this blog is me, as is, isn't it? =D And I sure hope at the end of this journey, you guys will see me as "Wah kao, last time already chio, now slim already hor, is sibei chio until~~~~"



  1. Let me this 45kg gal spur u to work harder to ur goal weight!! Lol!! Jiayou, u can do it!! I'll be waiting to see the "new" you :D

  2. I think you look fine now. No need to lose any more weight.