Sunday, 19 September 2010

Being Thought-ful...

Was doing a phone interview with a Wanbao journalist last night, and it was regarding the recent Starblog entry. And I just read Wanbao...

  Aiyoyo Mia (Wanbao journalist), you very naughty ah, headlines 把我写到那么坏... Later my manager come after me ah~~~

If you haven't seen the Starblog post you should, just to get the full story. You know how Wanbao operates to get readership. But guys, please have some tissue paper with you before that okay? I don't want too much nosebleed...
We're given a topic to write about each week, and the topic for the week is

"Comment on the trend of Singapore females exposing more skin in public as well as in their Facebook account".

Go read the post, then come back. Otherwise you'll have no idea what the hell I was writing about. But you will notice a picture of a particular (supposedly) very famous blogger with very ample boobage.

The journalist said she had also interviewed the blogger and that the blogger said I put her picture on my Starblog to "create topic", and to 找人和我吵架炮轰. I can only respond like this...


After I put down the phone, I kept thinking - As a writer, when you write something and you get no reaction, what does that mean? Have you failed in engaging your readers? I remember starting a blog almost a year ago, and throughout this 1 year of blogging, I've always looked forward to coming home and logging onto my blog, just to check if there are any comments or tags. And get (slightly) disappointed when I spend effort on writing something yet get no reaction. Then I decided to add the "Funny", "Interesting", "I like It" thing for readers to click on, just in case the lack of response was due to readers finding it troublesome in writing comments. SLIGHTLY more reaction, though still few. Then I wonder if the post is boring (Which sometimes could really be), or because they just have nothing to say, or are too lazy to respond in ANY manner. Lol.

Even the STomp guys told us Starbloggers to write in such a way that is engaging and to put up more pictures of ourselves, so as to make our entries more personalized and to garner more pageviews. Readership is an outcome to writing, no?

So fellow bloggers, journalists and writers, do we write to create topic? Or we hope to have some response out of the things we write about? It's more fun when your readers response, no? Or perhaps as much as we write what we want and don't really care what others think of our content because what we say represents us, there is a part in us that still hopes that readers like what we write?

I write for myself, but at the same time it's really my readers who keep me going. (All writers will have to agree with me somehow?) So I really have to thank you guys for following my blog. Because even though you're not reacting physically by leaving comments, your returning here tells me I have been doing something right this past 11 months since setting up my blog. =)

P/s. So XS, maybe you're right. Don't you put up pictures with lots of cleavage

 (with the camera purposely tilted down so we know where your camera focus is. How I know it'spurposely tilted down? Your head is cut off -doh- but your boobs are in full view.)

and in sailormoon top and underwear

 to do that- create topic? And that, in turn, is also your marketing technique, since you are a model, which is brilliant. =D

And OF COURSE I had to use your pictures (credits to you *smiles*)! You're famous so people can relate to my Starblog post better~ =DD So if that makes you feel better, I'm using your fame to create topic for my blog. (Since you said you're more famous than me.)


Okay let me clarify the paragraph okay? I meant for those other girls whose faces were on my Starblog entry, not you. Namely this one:

Read the post to get what I mean. 我真的不是在讲你啦, 雪莎妹妹,你误会了...

In this aspect of showing more skin, I cannot fight you. You are more famous. I've a loooong way to go babe.
On the other hand, I think I want to be known for the right reasons...even though this picture may help me escalate a bit higher...

 Picture removed due to plea from manager.

No neh neh, no cleavage. I really don't have la, so here I admit defeat *shoulders slouched, 漏气*
Just a lot of shoulder and arm skin.
(But how? Nice not? If really not nice then I shall just concentrate on my pretty/cute/intelligent/classy image already. No neh cannot fight la~)

Even though nothing was shown, Wanbao still managed to make it look like my raisins are showing by mosaic-ing dunno-what...

Picture (also) removed due to plea from manager.

So Mia, if I start getting 色beh behs flooding my email or my fb inbox ah, I will flood your phone. For making me look even more provocative than I already do on the original picture.
Lol...JK!!!! I'm nice la, so I won't. I will just printscreen their requests and collate it into a blog post for my readers' reading pleasure.

(色伯伯s, you have been warned.)

(I have to repeat myself, I took this picture on timer mode on my camera hor, not with anybody's help hor...I say already ah~~~~) And yes, when I took this picture, it was a jia ba bo dai ji zoh thing. What??? Want to act sexy in my own room cannot ah???? *defensive*

That said, this being a marketing technique, I still aim to be known as a quality blogger.

P/s. I could've used a more famous blogger's (Dawn) pictures, cause she also has tons of sexy pictures, but she's also a Starblogger and I thought she'd use her own on her post already so I used yours lo. Paiseh ah if it has caused you inconvenience. I come in peace. =)

And by the way, Happy Birthday XueSha. =)

That Silver Girl


  1. Really not suitable for you. Should concentrate on your previous images.

  2. Hi Silver,

    I have been actually reading your blog not long ago. Haha... I like the natural you. The a bit siao siao girl. Sexy photo is really not suitable for you. But I understand being a star blogger, you have to create some topic. But just be yourself. I saw you in person before and you are really very pretty. But still okay to be thinner since you are famous people.

    PS: I am the yellow boots girl from GV Yishun Party.

  3. Okay okay. Guess the votes goes to my character. Yay!!! Act sexy very difficult leh!!! The expression must be neutral so it doesn't look like the CFM face, then cannot look too neutral until no expression. 举白旗~~~ I think I ding dong more cute~ Lol.

    That said, the photo was just an example on the starblog post la. Not intending to change image, so not to worry guys! =D

  4. Hello Silver, Just to let you know i fell in love with your blog since my 1st visit. I check up your blog almost everyday,it's so so interesting (: But i never leave any comment in the past.

    Well, don't brood over this matter k, it's just a wuliao journalist who was trying to create topic and war. I know u were just trying to engage your own readers. Don't be discouraged but continue blogging. Most important,be yourself! Gambateh, You're an awesome blogger in my heart (:

  5. Anyway, just be yourself. People can comment and criticize how much they want. There's nothing perfect and people tend to want you to be the way they want. There's no way that you can please everyone. Just be your sweet and lovely self and it would be the best :)

  6. Loved your wit and ample bitching in this post. A good read. I used to blog for Starblog too, after you, I think. No big deal... I think our blogs generate more traffic than the entire StarBlog portal.