Thursday, 23 September 2010

《走进走出》 Behind the Scenes

Okay I'm in a better mood. What...I'm human being okay...cannot angry one meh? Now I'm okay, and I actually feel bad for ranting off on my previous post. They are trying to do their job, I am trying to write my blog, my manager also trying to do his job, the sponsor has a brand reputation to consider... So ended up sponsor angry at me or manager...manager not happy with me, I not happy with journalist, journalist? Damn...they get away with it... Cest La Vie...

Still...I shall publicly apologise to Mia cos really, it's still not her fault la.... 

Okay, since I'm in a better mood and Family Court is now on with me in these current few episodes...let me share a few (really a few only) pictures...

Preparing to go biking with Leshan...

To tell you the truth, I can't mountain bike for nuts. I can ride a bicycle. Throw me a motorbike and I'll be happy. But mountain bike? When the casting director asked if I knew how to ride a mountain bike 脚踏车, I had no idea that it was a racer bike she was referring to... The seat pad is so small it cuts in between my buttcheeks and it hurts. Plus the shortest height is still damn high for my frame. And the handle....let's just say I'm super swakoo and had no idea that it will look something like this...

Need a simplified picture?

How the hell do you ride a bike with handles which curve downwards????????

Needless to say, I was struggling on the bike and throughout the shoot, while Yuwu (yes, 715) was happily zipping around and making nice U-turns, not once did I attempt to do a U-turn riding. I would put down both feet and tiptoe-ballet-walk just to turn the bike around? Hilarious? Tell me about it....

Sibeh 丢脸...

Ya..the episode should be out tomorrow night or Friday. Just don't keep imagining me tiptoeing on the bike can already.

I had managed to capture another shot of Yuwu with a SUPER tak-glam expression, close up. But he snatched my camera and deleted the picture.

Girls. You can start hating me now. Laugh at my height all you want, Yuwu got hug you or not??? Har??? Have not??? *flicks hair*
Obviously, I am nothing without my heels on set, especially when my co-actor is 20cm taller than me. Never notice how when we shoot close-ups or mid-shots, the male and female actors' heads are almost always level? Heels. And when heels are not enough, we stand on sandbags, or many yellow pages....

That's all I have, unfortunately. Shy to keep asking him to take pictures with me la. But I can say this - even though he seems very quiet and introverted, he's very very 闷骚. Cracked me up many times in the courtroom between shoots. (Yes he can be damn funny.) And no airs, if you guys are curious. =)

OH! And I get to dump him. In a damn 帅 manner.

Lawyer Ginny


  1. hehehe..envious of you. :p
    I doubt my feet can touch the ground while on the racer bike

  2. ya really hate you... haha joking! how tall is he??

  3. Woah, so envious~

  4. SA,

    About that mountain bike.
    Your photos are of road bikes.

    No self-respecting mountian biker would ride a road bike.


    No wimpy road bikes there.

  5. Er...David? I'm not a cyclist ya??? I'm just an actress forced to go on a cyclist's bike. whatever that bike was...yah....

    Personally, I ride a MOTORBIKE, fyi. =P