Monday, 27 September 2010

Ah Piaw Wanton Mee

I know I haven't really been actively updating the past few days. I've been busy learning how to make money la~ But I'm back! And I've got so much foods to update that this will temporarily look like a food blog. Temporarily ah I say....

 Thursday, 23Sep2010

  • 1st Meal @ 1115: Half bowl Tung-I Instant Noodles.
  • 2nd Meal @ 1430: Maggi Duck Porridge. YUM!!!!!!! LOVES~~~ show you pictures next time~
  • 3rd Meal @ 1800: Brown Porridge with Japanese Seasoning. 
  • 4th Meal @ 0100: 

I tell you's been a loooong time since I've eaten such good wanton mee... 
The noodles are thin and chewy, and the chilli....good...

Generous serving of wanton to boot, and you can actually taste the meat...

Restoran Ah Piaw. This is in JB. I've developed a habit of going there to pump my petrol. Since bikes can go in on an almost dried up tank, why not? A full tank costs me RM24, while a full tank costs me SGD20. Exchange rate? About 1SGD = RM2.4 You do the maths. =D

By the way, here's the address:
Restoran Ah Piaw
Jalan Keris, Taman Sri Tebrau,
81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Opening hours: 12.30am – 10.30am
Yup, they only open at 12:30am so go any earlier and you won't get to eat it. Obviously this is a supper hangout.

If you go before they open, you may want to try the Abalone Noodles beside. 

Comes with fresh prawns and quite a few slices of abalone! I like mine dry, with lots of chilli, but you can order the soupy one. The dry one comes with soup too by the way, served on the side. I strongly recommend the dry one, with kway teow or mee kia. Very big bowl leh, and it's only like what...RM8.50? That's less than S$4 for such a big bowl~



  1. wawawa~~~ wanton mee lover!! suggest you another famous wanton mee stall in JB.
    益和餐室 (益和雲吞麺)
    153, Jalan Harimau,
    Taman Century,
    80250, Johor Bahru,
    Johor, Malaysia.

  2. This Ah Piaw wanton mee looks like the one in Singapore (apparently from JB also)!

    One of the best i ever have!